Friday, 5 May 2017

Comment Left on This Blog


  1. You should taLk about reverse speech. I recently started a channel uploading all videos i found messages in. Here is one with David Guetta having speech in Ultra Miami 2012 i think. I was watching that festival and when i saw that big hypnotic spiral and the speech i had to check it. I have other videos too.
    Here is a video from my other channel that i made last year. You can make a post about how they brainwash us like i explained in christianforums.

    1. Did they ban you too for exposing what is going on? They just banned us.

    2. No, but they did ban a comment i made about Manchester attack. It was inappropriate anyway in the section i wrote in. They also banned thread i made "Trump is the antichrist" with this video

    3. They banned us without any warning. Didn't want people finding out the things we were saying.