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International Music Summit Ibiza IBIZA BLOG

International Music Summit - IMS - Ibiza - 2015

  1. Why is it that most if not all top name DJs use down pointed or pyramidal triangles, pentagrams and one-eyed looks in their body language, photos, publicity material, album covers and videos? Your logo is a good example.
  2. Why do most if not all DJs make Masonic hand signs and other gestures indicative of Freemasonry?
  3. Why are DJs intentionally getting people to change from making the heart sign to a triangle sign with their hands?
  4. Why has EDM hardly changed  in twenty years?
  5. Why has EDM lasted for twenty years when all previous genres dominated for a decade at most?
  6. Why has music in general become much darker and why has the EDM scene at big events become sinister when it was once joyful? "Music directly represents the passions of the soul. If one listens to the wrong kind of music, he will become the wrong kind of person” ~Aristotle Do the people in control of the EDM scene wish for us to become the wrong kind of person?
  7. Why is EDM misogynistic and separatist (over sexualised offensive promotional material, sexy podium statues and elitist VIP areas) when it was once inclusive and egalitarian and much loved for its equalising of the sexes?
  8. Why do DJs act like gods - the centre of attention - and why are the people encouraged to act like cult followers praying to the DJ when, before, it was all about the music and dancing?
  9. Why do people not dance anymore to what is supposed to be dance music, but instead point an arm at the DJ, often while holding a smartphone? Given this, should the genre not rename itself to maybe EPM...Electronic Pointing Music?
  10. Why has the scene become so homogenous compared to its creative beginnings?
  11. Why does a DJ, who admits to being an occultist, have a residency at a top name club in Ibiza?
  12. Why do events at big clubs in Ibiza resemble Halloween shows or strip clubs rather than parties?
  13. Why are clubs crammed far beyond safe maximum capacity resulting in Tripadvisor being flooded with almost tearful reports of frightening experiences?
  14. Why do DJs not realise that demanding such crazy fees puts unfair pressure on everything else?
  15. Have you ever considered the possibility of encouraging DJs to not perform at an altar with their heads thrown back and hands in the air but in a hidden location, playing anonymously, thereby reducing their god-status to healthy levels, once again making the dance floor and the people the focal point and ensuring their worth is based on their ability to get people dancing and not on their hype, thus resulting in their immoral fees being brought back to earth along with their egos? We are sure the clubs would be happy as then they would not need to risk people's lives by over-filling their clubs to pay the bills.
  16. Why have EDM tunes become so inane, monotonous and pacifying when they were once electric, imaginative and uplifting?
  17. Why are so many lyrics about the world, saving the world, forgetting the world, etc?
  18. Why do DJs look so sad, serious and scary in their photos?
  19. Why are events more shows than parties?
  20. Why is creative direction top-down rather than from the street or dance floor up as it always was?
  21. Is this top-down creative direction a reflection of the top-down control of the music industry and isn't the very fact a summit is needed also a reflection of this pyramidal power structure? If so, isn't a pyramidal power structure the anti-thesis of grass roots organic creativity but in fact dictatorial in nature? Isn't that a little 'organised'? You're only putting on parties.....aren't you?
  22. Why do so many events at big clubs now resemble emergency situations and war zones?
  23.  Are you aware that indoctrinating unsuspecting people via subliminally implanted religious images or audio messages is against Spanish law? Subliminally influencing people's spiritual or religious affiliations would be classed as 'coercion', which therefore means a person's religious liberty was taken from them.
  24. Have you considered introducing an element of live music into the scene to liven things up a bit with inventiveness or is it going to be bleep bleep subliminal message bleep bleep forever? Ibiza is over-flowing with musical talent but it is largely over-looked, which is a pity as that is where the grass roots of creativity lie. 
  25. Why do big events use screens to project images such as triangles, pentagrams, all-seeing eyes, aliens and similar written messages, some of which are flashed so quickly they are subliminal?
  26. Why is the EDM scene, which is supposed to be about partying, pushing the alien agenda?
  27. Do you realise that if EDM is now a medium for Masonic Theosophy, legally it must say so?
  28. Why do DJs put horrible subliminal audio samples into their mixes, some sounding like people being tortured?
  29. Why are so many DJs photographed wearing gas masks, gas masks being used in promotional material, gassing people being included in videos and robots gassing people at festivals?
  30. Why does the EDM scene now contrast so sharply with what Ibiza stands for.....peace, love, creativity, spontaneity, equality and, most of all, FUN?
  31. Why is it that the biggest clubs and events in Ibiza that should represent what Ibiza stands for are the least likely to attract the residents of Ibiza?
  32. Why is EDM pushing the transhumanist agenda, which is diametrically opposed to the sentiments in Ibiza?
  33. Why is it necessary to alter what seems to be all vocals in EDM to sound like they were created by cyborgs?
  34. Why has no code of conduct been established in the EDM community considering the ability to put subliminal messages into screen images and synthesised music plus the detrimental effects of certain frequencies of sounds as well as infrasound that can be so impactful they make people commit suicide or cause fatal illnesses? Why has this never been mentioned by you? Are unaware young people not right now vulnerable to manipulative people with ulterior and dark motives? Why has this loophole been allowed to remain open for so long?
  35. Why is EDM leading the way in RFID and DJs use images of barcoded people in their promotional material? Do you not realise that contradicts the original EDM message of freedom and human rights?
  36. Why does your logo resemble the logo of the United Nations?
  37. Why do you call yourself the Pied Piper when the Pied Piper led the children away from their families and most likely to their deaths?
  38. Why have you ignored all our previous attempts to engage with you considering you host the International Music Summit?
  39. Will you carry on ignoring the good people of Ibiza as though our feelings are of no importance to you and your agenda?
  40. Why do so many musicians and DJs do the 'shush' sign? What is the big secret you are keeping from us, the people who have made you all very wealthy and treated you gods???
  41. Tell us about the people who control the music industry.
  42. Does EDM have a political agenda?
  43. Do you agree with the following quote? "In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act" - George Orwell
  44. A heroic person can make a pyramid of cards collapse in on itself if only he had the audience to hear him speak.
  45. This charade cannot go on. Agreed?

The above screengrab is from a video of a Pacha night in Ibiza.

You can find out more about Pacha here.

Here is the International Music Summit line-up


George Clinton 

(Parliament / Funkadelic – Keynote Interview)

For more information on the George Clinton, his devil hand signs, his obsession with alien spacecrafts and some weird desire to regain possession of the Egyptian this.

Exert: Starchild! Citizens of the universe! Recording angels!
We have returned to claim the pyramids.
Partying on the Mothership, I am the Mothership connection
Mothership Connection (Starchild)

You think the world is advancing? Think again.

Steve Angello 

(Size Records - Keynote Interview)

 Steve Angello claimed he made this triangle sign to represent 'Antidote' but we believe that is bullshit. Nicky Romero demonstrated what we believe is clear evidence of deception in hand signs leading people from heart signs to triangles. See here.

For more information on this International Music Summit guest speaker, see this.

Annie Mac 

(BBC Radio 1 – Keynote Interview)

 Oh dear, Annie Mac seems to have a sore eye. We must get her an eye patch like Gabrielle's. Hmmm....come to think of it....why did Gabrielle wear an eye patch? A very lazy eye?

Jamie Jones 

(Hot Natured / Hot Creations – Artist Panel)

 We were spoilt for choice with James Jones but this image leapt from the list as it is a riot of Illuminati visuals. Not only does it have the down pointed triangle indicating the worship of the underworld but also pyramid-looking triangles, ancient Egyptian figures CLONED (oh mummy!) of all.....the atlas of the world!!! Yes, it has everything summed up. The people who believe in the ancient Egyptian know....the people who believe in Seth....are going to rule the world via an underworld worshipping global system.

Thanks for that James Jones. Next!

Seth Troxler 

(Resident Advisor poll winning DJ – Artist Panel)

 Again, there were plenty of photos to choose from to represent Seth (nice ancient Egyptian name there Seth!) but we chose this one for its all-seeing eyes and multiple triangles.

Danny Tenaglia 

(legendary New York DJ – Artist Panel)

 Here Danny Tenaglia shows his allegiance to the Illuminati's transhumanist agenda, which sees the future as not human but humanoid because being human is just not good enough, apparently.

Andrew Scheps 

(producer / engineer / Pro-Tools creator – Keynote Interview)
 Andrew Scheps is the producer for Jay Z, amongst others. It's a cosy team.


(famed remixer Marc Kinchen – IMS Anthem Remixer 2014)

 We ask you, what would EDM do without pyramids???

We shall find out soon as we will be making a revelation about the pyramids which will pull the magic carpet from under the so called Illumed Ones. 


(original Ibiza Balearic DJ – Keynote Interview)

 We thought Alfredo was going to get the all-clear but then found this image. Not only pyramids but a Masonic checkerboard floor.


Paco Osuna 

(ENTER. resident – The Spanish Underground)

Not only does this image contain the pyramidal triangles but also red eyes, which we believe are significant to the Illuminati. 

It is obvious something odd is going on and to not demand answers is wrong as it means future generations have to live with the mess we couldn't be bothered to sort out. Or worse.
For evidence to back up the statements in this post please study the posts in this blog thoroughly.
Start with this post...


by Lonely Island.








  1. Replies
    1. Given the choice between being hippies and being RFID chipped lemmings we'd choose the former every time.

  2. The first being chemically controlled the second being electronically controlled , whats the difference ?

    1. The hippies we know are in fact mostly not chemically controlled. Besides, if they were they would be doing it via their own free will and could stop if they really wanted to at any time. An RFID chip will be implanted against our will and will serve as a shackle that will enslave us to a system we can only escape at death.

  3. Im not sure about that as i dont know many real hippies lol, all the ones here that like to dress up and play the part still live of the system and take drugs. But i am pretty sure that the word and movement was crafted and created form the start which makes me doubt free will . Totally with you on the chip scenario though have you heard of this ? do you know of any other organizations that are putting up a fight ?


    1. Well there are a lot of fake hippies here that is for sure. But there are some real hippy types here who are very natural.

      This talks about the origins of the movement...

      Yes, the RFID situation is shocking but what is most shocking is that people will think they're great.

      Thanks for the link. That was a pleasant surprise. We shall study it now :-)

      Maybe they would be interested to hear infrasound in being put into electronic music...

      Please read the rest of this blog as it is all about these subjects.

      Thanks for the comment.

  4. and you managed to spout this lot of nonsense BEFORE you went to DC10 for the opening ? i salute you.... looks like the season started early for you

    1. What an odd comment? DC10? No, none of us turned up in Anonymous masks to scare everyone. We no longer have any desire to fund the Masonic globalist elites nor the gas they will use to kill us. But, by all means, be a sucker if that is what you choose to be in life.


    1. Seen it....made by disinfo agents.

      See this...made by normal people with their brains intact....

  6. You mentioned 'Gabrielle's very lazy eye' - I did a quick google search and found a few pics of her with both eyes uncovered, she does have a very droopy, somewhat deformed eye, hence IMO it's only natural for her as a female pop star to want to conceal it. It's very similar to Thom Yorke from Radiohead's eye, but I guess as a male he felt less pressure to cover it up. In fact IIRC didn't Lisa 'left eye' Lopez from TLC have a similar condition?

    Saying that though there are lots of acts (or at least their art and style directors) who do regurgitate a lot of the illuminati/mkultra tropes of covered eyes (no drooping!), chequerboard floors, monarch butterflies etc. Certainly no reason for Annie Mac to be doing that other than she works for one of the biggest propaganda machines in the UK. But who knows, perhaps she's being eye-ronic?
    And Pyramids. The last Glade Festival I went to in the UK round 2011 or so even had a massive Pyramid Stage which was set fire to at the end of the final night, which at the time set off a few 'alarm bells'. However, I'm not entirely convinced that the intent behind a lot of this stuff is 100% sinister other than an exercise in taking more of our money. A lot of the organisers of these events must be aware that a lot of us are ware of these images and regardless of if they are being controlled by sinister forces are using them to generate controversy and sell more records/tickets as a result. However, we can definitely see that there is some masonic stuff going on with the complicity of the State - festival locations often near hallowed ground or the junctions of major ley lines, thousands of people being allowed to more or less openly get off their chops on illicit substances in parts of the country where being caught with half a gram of the same substance would normally get you a criminal record - only the wilfully blind would say that there wasn't another agenda to some of it. Much like the way the Grateful Dead would descend on a small town that had never seen LSD in its life then the whole place would be tripping for a week, seemingly with the benediction of the local authorities. It's definitely not ALL bad, but I'm fairly sure that SOME of it is a bit sinister. We live in interesting times, but then this shit has been going on forever.