Monday, 12 May 2014

EDM Illuminati - IBIZA BLOG

Someone else who has come to realise EDM is now predominantly a tool for the Illuminati/secret societies/globalists. It was voluntarily posted by the Dim Mak website.

This is what they do...they get in there first and present things to their fans because they know their fans will then go, 'Ha silly is that person for suggesting something so stupid?!'. Compare that to the other way around....the normal human behaviour way. The normal way would be for people in EDM to cringe, hold tight and hope the fans don't find out. The fans eventually find out, present the thing and then people in EDM are forced into a corner having to defend themselves. It's a mind game and they know how to play it to their advantage at every step of the way. But their power over us is weakening because it is only works if people don't know what they're doing. Soon they will be reduced to has-been tricksters who did not develop their creative skills because they relied on their deceptive skills too much, and their hollow careers will be over.


It isn't hard to see.

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