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IBIZA: Please Help Keep the World Happy

A Happy World

IBIZA: Please help keep the world happy.

That is the message written on hundreds of notes delivered in various areas of Ibiza. More to follow. This post is to welcome you to this new blog and explain its purpose in the hope it awakens you to the world around you, which is not as it may seem. The decision was made to start this blog, despite the risks, because a life lived with heavy and painful knowledge with  was not one we wished to live.

We have found potential evidence of a wide scale abuse of power, corruption of young minds and an outright deception that is right now leading many people in Ibiza and beyond down a very dark journey. Worse, it will affect us all if we ignore it. 

The abuse of power and the corruption of young minds is occurring in a huge cult in houses of worship in Ibiza and throughout the world. In these houses of worship, people are put into a trance-like state and fed subliminal messages via large screens and audio equipment. These religious indoctrination sessions can last several hours, meaning these people are unwittingly being subjected to mind control, which is a form of abuse. The messages the cult leaders are putting into the minds of the congregations are aimed at subduing the masses, molding the youth into carbon copies of each other, rendering them incapable of individual thought and instilling a sense of surrender. They want the youth to not think, to want to be controlled, to do what they are told and to become dumb puppets. This is of course typical of cult behaviour.

The houses of worship are all the big nightclubs in Ibiza and the cult leaders are the djs, although they think they are 'as gods'. Would you believe Pacha, Amnesia, Ushuaia and Space all show what we believe are Illuminati affiliations and host occult and extremely dark djs such as Guy Gerber and Adam Beyer? Is that the direction the nightclub founders hoped they would go or is that the direction they have found themselves coerced into going? Would you believe all the big name djs, such as Armin Van Buuren, Pete Tong, Swedish House Mafia and Sven Vath demonstrate what we see as their Freemasonry and Illuminati affiliations in their music and promotional material?
The Illuminati hides 'in plain sight'.

The people involved in this deception are leading tens of millions of young people into the occult, Theosophy to be precise, and sometimes even Satanism....against their knowledge. The subliminal messages and imagery not only contain words to placate and stupefy but to draw the minds into the darkness, some much further than others. These tricks of the mind have been learnt at Masonic lodges, many djs being Freemasons (Freemasonry and the Illuminati go hand-in-hand both sharing the same Theosophical religious beliefs).

 Exert from this article: There are so many people that refuse to believe that a secret technology which modifies behavior invisibly, channels basic value systems, manages human motives and drives them into pathological behaviors in the interest of certain power structures has been in existence and widespread use for decades if not more. They will call you crazy if you'll dare to say anything like that and yet subliminal messages are being bombarded at you continuously throughout the day, through books, movies, magazines, television, radio and music.
 It is our belief that subliminal messages are to blame for many of the mass child murders in the US. Children and young people are like sponges and therefore subliminally implanted violent, sexual, Satanic and otherwise subversive messages in the form of sounds or images will affect them greatly and mould their behaviour, sometimes with devastating results. The people who do this do it for a few reasons but one is because they get pleasure from the suffering of others.

One example of a trick learnt at Freemasonsry is to flash an image so quickly that the conscious mind doesn't notice it but the subconscious mind does. Because the conscious mind misses it it doesn't have chance to check it, challenge it and filter it in or out. This makes the messages vastly more powerful and permanent. These subliminally flashed messages are therefore potentially extremely manipulative and dangerous. Subliminal audio messages and sounds can also impact on the minds of our young and condition them to behave in ways they would not ordinarily have done. This is of course a very difficult thing to prove because the knowledge of this is kept hidden by Freemasonry other than a few experts in the field and the odd keen truth seeker. But it is not difficult for you to check.

In the past, these tricks were called black magic. Now we know it is secret science held from public view. They can range in severity from being harmless methods to make us feel more energetic to extremely evil tactics to make us commit suicide of murder, for example certain inaudible sound frequencies can make a person think they have gone mad and therefore throw themselves off a tall building to escape their madness. This is one way the Illuminati gets rid of the opposition.

As if this was not bad enough, the religion of electronic dance music (occult Theosophy) has an end game that will affect every single person on this planet. The EDM scene has a big but very secret entrap the entire world into this occult religion and create a transhumanist New World Order along with a one world banking system. We say secret but that doesn't mean they haven't voluntarily told us all of this in their lyrics, posters, album covers, festival screens, etc. Again, they have a good giggle over our almost inability to see what is put right in front of our noses.

Whether the nightclubs and djs are fully aware of this deception and agenda is not clear. What is clear is that these nightclubs have changed greatly. When once people danced freely and creatively, took in the exciting people around them and enjoyed the uplifting music, now they focus entirely on the dj, become zoned out and completely disengage from the people around them. They don't dance anymore...they point an arm towards the dj. They are not individuals
anymore...they are a herd....lemmings...sheeple. Before there were no VIP areas but now they are everywhere. Why is Ibiza condoning such hideous elitism when it should be encouraging inclusivity? Why are visitors of Ibiza segregated based on how much money they have rather than on how colourful, interesting or entertaining they are? The VIP movement is indicative of the way the world is moving towards a ruling elite and a subverted underclass. It is heartbreaking
to see this in action in Ibiza.

To add to the deception, the New Age movement has also been infiltrated by the powers of darkness and turned into a New World Order tool masquerading as love and light. How many people who call themselves hippies greet each other with 'love and light' yet believe an Armageddon is upon us which will kill nearly all of us in a painful and devastating way leaving only them and their kind to enjoy this planet they claim to love? When will we learn that genocide is never the answer? They have been fooled by the very same people who infiltrated the hippy movement of the 70s and the rave scene of the late 80s, which became the house scene, which became the electronic dance music scene (EDM).

Grass roots movements that start off peaceful and with good intentions are the targets of manipulative groups that wish to hide behind the pretty face and use it for their own ends. The New Agers of Ibiza are probably blissfully unaware the love and light movement, heavily promoted by indoctrination videos by the likes of the hilariously fake Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation of Light, is now just another tool used to usher in a new age of an imprisoned planet run by the elites, mostly the banking cartel. How hippy is that? How love and light will a world in which everyone is forced to think in the same way under threat of having their RFID chip switched off sound?

New have been subjected to mind control, some maybe even programming via RFID implants that receive messages from Ascended Masters, aka the laughing Illuminati who has had you hook line and sinker. It is no coincidence that both the electronic dance music scene and the New Age scene are both pushing the alien agenda, which will result in a 'false flag' global panic which will play into the hands of the globalists. There will be nothing as unifying as a pretend threat from outer space and as aliens have been normalised the masses will fall for the deception and
surrender their national sovereignty. 

Whether you are religious or not, you know the difference between light and dark, good and evil. Ibiza was known for its love, joy and freedom but it is witnessing a downward turn and it seems many on this beautiful island, which we love dearly, are willing it to worsen. There are enough people on this island who know we are deeply affected by the influences around us. Why have those people so far remained so silent despite there being so many sinister influences? Unfortunately too many people call dark light and light dark.

We are calling for a revival of the hippy movement but a better form of it. Instead of turning up, tuning in and dropping out (which sounds very much like Departures at Ushuaia's motto 'WE COME WE RAVE WE LOVE') the world needs some dynamic hippies in Ibiza who wake up,
switch on and get talking. 

Please become switched on to the world around you starting on your own doorstep. Maybe if enough good people of Ibiza woke up to the reality we are living in, Ibiza could be the place that started the best revolution in modern history. A revolution started by people who knew evil when
they saw it and did something about it. 

We don't need to 'SAVE THE WORLD' as the devious djs keep telling people, we do not need to wish away our time waiting for a genocidal population cull as the New Agers are doing, we don't need to surrender our freedoms to people who do not care about us as the global elites
would have us believe. 

We need to realise that what we have is 'the light' and what they are trying to lead us into is 'the darkness'. Ibiza could become the beacon of genuine love and true light and help lead the world out of the darkness. Music has always had power of people and it has been used to change the public's consciousness, but it has never been done on this scale, to this degree of sneakiness
and to such a sinister extent.

Pete Tong calls himself 'the Pied Piper' on his Twitter page. We hope he changes and becomes someone who leads the youth to a happy ending. Hopefully he will open up the subject of subliminal mind control and the dark direction EDM is going during his forthcoming International Music Summit, held in Ibiza in May. Then we can all get back to happier times, djs can get back to being just djs and not gods with an elitist dehumanised religious agenda, the EDM scene can get out of the twenty year rut it has been in and the positive changes could have a ripple effect in every area of life. Maybe he will recommend an industry ombudsman who will ensure EDM put out for public consumption is not poisonous to mental health, much like packaged food must declare its ingredients list. Or maybe a code of conduct could be put into place whereby djs promise to not use subverting or religious subliminal messages in samples or mixes, given we are all legally entitled to choose whether we are religious or not and must not be forced into religion, which djs are right now guilty of. Likewise, as EDM has become a religious organisation it must, by law, register with the state as such.

In 1967, the government expanded religious liberty with the Law of Religious Liberty: 

1. The Spanish State recognizes the right to religious liberty founded on the dignity of the human person and assures the necessary protection for immunity from every coercion in the legitimate exercise of that right. The rights of millions of people to be the masters of their spiritual destiny is being illegally withdrawn from them. Surely he would not turn a blind eye to this now that he has been alerted to this blog.

The authors of this blog do not place all the blame on the nightclubs or the djs as we are very well aware of the coercive nature of the cult of the Illuminati and Freemasonry. It is very likely many people have become involved both through their own gullibility and greed as well as due to becoming entrapped after making errors of judgement and now being held to ransom. There are many victims in this enormous situation, some of whom will have been subject to MK Ultra programming
and possibly entirely unaware of it.

Please pass this on and talk to each other. Ibiza needs to do some very deep soul searching.

'Only one thing is necessary for the triumph of evil and that is for good men to do nothing.'
Edmund Burke.

 The statements made in this post are based on the personal opinions of the blog authors, which we are free to express, and reflect extensive research. They must not be taken as solid fact though and you are encouraged to do your own independent research to form your own judgement. Please study all the posts in this blog and the other blogs linked from here.If any harm of any significant and unusual kind should come to anyone involved in this blog or blogs similar to this one it will be made public in various ways. Any threats will be published and ignored. Any bribes will be turned down.







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