Monday, 26 May 2014

Harassment of RFID activists in Europe - IBIZA BLOG

'The Covert Assimilation of Humanity' by Cara St.Louis at The People's Voice

EXERT: Melanie herself continues to be the victim of gang-stalking, literally by the very authorities we used to believe were there to protect us. She and a friend returned on 30 December, 2013, to Melanie’s flat (in Belgium), for example, after a shopping trip to find three policemen waiting for them. They were separated and Melanie was taken, handcuffed, for an immediate psychiatric exam without showing due cause or a warrant. She was presented to a psychiatrist who was then ordered to admit her without any reasons given. Her GP came to her aid, confirming Melanie’s role as a human rights activist and convinced the psychiatrist to discharge her.
However, when she returned home, she found her apartment had been ransacked by the police, her neighbor having been knocked to the ground when trying to intervene. Why? Melanie has been and continues to be part of a program that scans anyone who wants to be scanned for microchips and government implants. This, apparently, the authorities view as a problem.
This brings us to the other organization in Melanie’s work life, the International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies.’ (ICAAT) There are a number of these weapons with which to contend, however we can let EUCACH speak here: 
“We at the Coalition against Covert Harassment demand a total ban in the European Union on all weapons systems operating on new physics principles used to torture or inflict other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment including...

The global move towards 'diversity' has in fact been a huge lie. A diverse world in which many different races exist requires distinct borders, be they real or psychological. The reason why borders throughout the Western world have been largely removed is because the global elites needed to destroy our national pride. Distinct countries are strong and do not willingly submit to tyranny no matter how well it is packaged. The world's most diverse times are over and we are now facing a world in which few countries are strong enough to fight off the globalists with their transhumanist and depopulation plans. These countries are of course right now being demonised, the easiest targets already having been disposed of their strong leaders.

The mixing up of the countries is serving two purposes at least. One is that it mixes us up and weakens our national pride, thus making us more accepting of global governance. The other is that it causes civil unrest due to conflicting belief systems living cheek by jowl. This is of benefit to the globalists as it creates the necessary chaos that order can resolve. 'Order out of chaos' is a well used and effective tactic of war. The solution, which will be presented with smiles, will be more CCTV, RFID implants, facial recognition, etc.

The lie of diversity, which was presented to us as what we must as good people want, will come at a very high price and will benefit no-one other than the global elite.

Please boycott any establishment that pushes RFID, finger print payments or anything else dehumanising. Vote with your wallet and your feet if you want humanity to remain human.

Please see this video and this video to see that people really are being implanted with RFID chips without their knowledge. This exercise we believe is being done not only to track activists but also to implant messages purporting  to be from ascended masters into the heads of people who then go about inadvertently proselytising for the cult of globalism.

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