Friday, 16 May 2014

Is EDM Illuminati? IBIZA BLOG

'New World Order' by Morten Granau.

Not forgetting the all-seeing eye inside the pyramid of course. 

How in your face can it get? Confident, obviously. 

But there may be another reason why the Illuminati has used this term so blatantly. Filling Google searches with pages and pages of tracks, djs, albums and festivals rather than the information you seek is a clever trick. 

What other terms have they used to derail our searches and make us give up?


Freemasons djs.

Two single eyes in one shot.

 Freemasons again.

Nice Illuminati triangle in a church just to rub it into the Christians.


Freemasons again.

Sun worship aka Clockwork Orange.

DJ_Illuminati’s avatar

DJ Illuminati.

Showing a single eye. This DJ plays at Tomorrowland, which is suspected to be an Illuminati event.

DJ MK Ultra

Not another EDM gas mask!


DJ MK Ultra

With kittens all over her....'Kitten Programming'?


DJ MK Ultra

 MK Ultra is the trauma based psychological programming we suspect many DJs, musicians and actors have been subjected to.

Triangle indicating the pyramid obsession of the Illuminati.

 Subliminal Sessions

Triangle shape, black and white, single eyes, clones, aliens.

Nicky Romero playing 'Conspiracy'

by PROTOCOL recordings.

The robot gassing everyone, which is a very common theme in EDM right now.

Go to the end of this post to see more.

The Illuminati always tells us what they are going to do to us.

Watch the video. Does that look good to you???

Are you starting to believe us yet???

WAKE UP!!!!!

There are many many other examples of tracks with these and other relevant names. Oh, how they fool you in every way!

Go through this blog to find out more about the Illuminati's control of the EDM scene, how many DJs are probably occult Freemasons, how big clubs and festivals are prayer sessions to Theosophical occultism, how music and big screens contain subliminal mind control messages. Then pass it on.

We are living in the middle of a global cult and that cult has been playing us like puppets, manipulating our thoughts and behaviour in every way possible. They are everywhere and they are numerous...but we are more so.

Be brave. We can beat these bastards.


  1. Tomorrow-land is a very occult festival.
    The logo is from that famous alister crowley picture,you will see it in this video.

    1. Yes, we've seen a few videos about Tomorrowland. Even just the name is a big red flag for New World Order. The kids don't realise this thing is real. They think it's just daring and naughty. What the future holds in store for us is nightmarish. Thanks for commenting. You can follow us on Twitter.

    2. I know,i have been a "party-animal/DJ" myself.So i understand what people like about it.
      But 15/20 years ago,a party was very different then the party`s i see now.
      Its all dj-worship and occult symbolism.
      I find it disgusting they let people pay a lot of money to get all kinds off rituals over them.
      Q-Dance is one of the organisations that throws it in your face.....

      The least they can do is putting on the flyer that its a freemasonic-occult ritual where they go to,and not a party.
      I think there will be a lot of people getting second thoughts.

    3. We live in Ibiza so we are party animals too. We love nothing more than to party hard all night. But, like you say, it's not a party anymore. Steve Aoki labelled his set a 'DJ show' recently. What the hell? Who do they think they are? Well, we know that...gods. And added to the extreme narcissism the occult agenda it really is a tragedy. In Spain the law says people must not be coerced into religion. Surely surreptitiously sucking someone into religion or a cult is classed as coercion.

    4. Great video by the way. Just posted it to Twitter. Please sign up to Twitter as it's a good way to promote your videos.

  2. Lol , Look up some of the Song names of DnB djs like Pendulum or Pythius, its All about Black Magic, Voodoo and mind control. Im out of there , peace.

  3. Lol, Look up the songs of some DnB DJ's like Pendulum or Pythius. Its All about Voodoo , Black Magic, and mind control. They put subliminal messages on the screens and use certain frequencies in the music. Im out of there man peace!