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Is the Illuminati real? IBIZA BLOG

Is the Illuminati real?

Firstly, please scroll through this.

Just because you cannot see something does not mean it is not there. Just because you cannot contemplate the Illuminati does not mean it does not exist. Hopefully this video will help you to understand what the Illuminati is. Without getting into grey areas such as bloodlines, the Illuminati is the collection of the people of the world who hold secret knowledge (gnosis) and use it to keep us in control, to manipulate our behaviour and, at its sinister extreme, to gain psychopathic pleasure from knowing they can cause us to degrade ourselves, become depressed, gain weight, commit suicide or kill people. Most people on realising that a person was about to walk into something that would hurt them would run to warn them. Some people would watch them hurt themselves and get sick pleasure from it. A few people would ensure the person's blind spot was directly where the danger lay and then watch as the person
hurt themselves. The latter is today's Illuminati.

Is the Illuminati real?

They manipulate us in various ways and this blog has pointed out a few of them that are utilised in the music industry, including subliminal audio and visual messages plus the use of infrasound. Both these things work like magic on us and in the past they would have been called 'black magic'. Now we know they are simply scientific tricks used by corrupt ego maniacs. The reason why many big name DJs act like gods in their posture and in their condescending expressionless faces is because they are looking down on us from their Masonic temple. They resemble a Messiah with their arms outstretched gazing at their adoring congregations because they feel they are Messiahs thanks to their learned wisdom. But what these demi-god deck deceivers don't grasp is the fact they only know this secret wisdom because someone else did the hard work of discovering it. They think they are due the prestige and ego boost of the results of other people's toil. What these DJs and all other Masons who think they're above us are is nothing more than retainers of secret and stolen information that should have been revealed to the world and not to
the select few. They are the information mafia.

The knowledge is used to manipulate us via music, television, films, video games, food, medicine, news, publishing, advertising, fashion, celebrity, public opinion, social media, internet forums, politics, religion, etc. Their trickery is facilitated by their many fingers in pies and owned news and views media, which they dominate.
This secret knowledge has been held from the public because, in the wrong hands it could be devastating and, as knowledge is power, those who have been in possession of it wished to retain it for only themselves and their initiates. These 'mysteries' were scattered throughout the ancient and added to as new discoveries were made. They were kept hidden by the priests along with their holy books. The priests of the ancient world were the astronomers, geologists, biologists and psychologists of the people, trying to make sense of the natural world around them and exposing their knowledge as they saw fit. New knowledge was acquired through observation but also through conquest.

 Is the Illuminati real?

Why do we believe this secret knowledge should now be revealed to the world and not the select few? Because tricks of the mind and body lose their potential if the target is knowledgeable about them. For example, those of you who now know to look for subliminal messages displayed on nightclub or festival screens will be more likely to notice them and therefore they will not sink into the subconscious and work their magic. You may also be tempted to video the screen and report anything untoward. This might then lead to a law being introduced making subliminal mind control illegal. So the world could be fully aware of the power of subliminal mind control but, due to extra vigilance and regulations, be better protected from it than they are right now.

This would become no different to the banning of adding cocaine to Coca Cola or the labelling of food to inform on ingredients. Could you imagine going back to the days when food did not need to be properly labelled and we had little idea of what was put into our bodies? Both these changes were a huge dent in the power of the Illuminati, which previously had the 'magical' power to make us become addicted to buying a drink that was bad for us
and put anything they wanted to into our food.

It is also very important the general public has a way to alert the police to dangerous use of this secret knowledge. It is important the police, judges, psychiatrists, etc, were all made aware of the things that are being done to us so they can be vigilant and so they can also deal with incidents. The system at the moment would put a victim of mind control into a psychiatric ward for assessment of insanity and automatically assume any tales of subliminal messages were figments of the imagination. The Illuminati is a law unto themselves and victims, right now, have little hope of justice.

We believe those who acquire this knowledge are very good at getting to the top. People who manage to claw their way to the top tend to be psychopaths...devoid of empathy, compassion, regret, etc...the emotions that define us as human beings. Freemasonry and the Illuminati could have started out innocuous - aiming to not only preserve potentially valuable knowledge but also keep it only in the hands of gentlemen who had proven themselves to be honourable. But it is quite clear that sentiment is no longer the case. We only need to look at what their puppet mastery has done to us to know they do not have our best interests in mind.
What has their involvement in Hip Hop, a medium for Masonic mind control, done for the world? Has it improved relations between men and women, has it made us dress better, has it improved our communication skills, has it raised standards in the world of music? Has it even made any positive impact on the people it most needed to propagate its people? Or has it, in fact, made things worse for black people and lowered their moral standing? Hip hop, as with so many other things in modern culture, has worsened our lives. So we must realise that Freemasonry is not on our side, does not wish for us to better ourselves and aims to subvert us into a very messy mob that will be easy to destroy. In other words, the 'keys to the lodge' are most certainly not in the hands of the people we the
human race would elect should we have the opportunity.

Is the Illuminati real? 

Freemasonry, the school for initiates into the ancient mysteries, is now malevolent - Freemasonry has proven to be unfit for the job of protecting us from powerful and potentially dangerous knowledge. It has proven to be a cult that kills off descent, utilises mind control to mould  the people in it and outside of it, wishes to destroy everyone outside of it and acts as though it is above the law.

This secret knowledge and power acquisition of course goes much further than subliminal messages in music. The global elites wish to control the entire world having used their knowledge against us to the point we can no longer defend ourselves against total dictatorship. They are suspected to be using their hidden knowledge to create technology that we will not be told about until much later. In other words, we are probably way behind their technological capabilities. The end game of these people is a New World Order with a one world government, a one world bank and a one world fake religion, which is Luciferianism. This new world will only be for those in the cult plus a small proportion They have told us they wish to keep the global population down to 500m. That cannot be done via viruses, infertility, homosexuality, women who never have children and premature death alone.

Who do you trust? Lingering forum dwellers who instantly quell any talk of the Illuminati with mocking comments, recommendations of a lie down or sessions with a shrink? People who create websites dedicated to making a mockery of people who believe in the existence of the Illuminati and find triangles in harmless things like cheese triangles? People who create Twitter accounts called Illuminati but who never say anything about the New World Order, globalism, the distribution of wealth or the corrupt music industry but instead present themselves as beacons of wise one-liners?

Here is a list of what we believe are sheep in wolves' clothing on Twitter....people or organisations who have created Twitter accounts designed to convince you that the Illuminati either does not exist or to brain wash you into thinking it does exist but is here to help you, which appeals to the many people out there who have been conditioned
to want and need a guardian angel...or nanny state.
Illuminati in EDM @edmilluminati
(Never discusses the issue of Illuminati in EDM. Set up to make people feel reassured there are people who have worked it out and are doing something about it. But they never do anything about it.)
Illuminati @ao_illuminate
(Gives out pearls of wisdom but makes sure brain washing comments to encourage the people to give up, forget it, don't bother, move on.....pacifist and resigned to their position of cattle.)
Illuminati @diilluminati
(A parody account giving out pearls of mind numbing wisdom and health advice.)
All Illuminati @All_Illuminati
(Never discusses New World Order or secret society issues but brain washes the people on alien landings, etc. to get people into the right mindset for the arrival of fake alien spaceships that will offer the world the order it
needs after chaos....they think we're all suckers remember.)
So, is the Illuminati real?
Yes. It is real, it is all around us, it is in everything and it controls us. We are cocooned - wrapped up in a

straight jacket of silk chains so fine we cannot, without guidance, see.

Who do you trust?

The people who tell you what you want to hear, the people who stifle debate, the people who make money from you or the people who try to inform you?

The most important point you need to understand about Freemasonry and the Illuminati is that it is a cult and should be treated as such. It is a cult with all the world's powerful secrets, with unimaginable wealth, with countless followers and with an intricate spider's web matrix of infiltration and iron grip control.

But it is a cult and because of that we should not be afraid of it but laugh at it.


Please study this blog to find out more and keep watching for our own little 'hidden secrets', which will make a mockery of those who think they know it all.







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