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Cream - Privilege - Ibiza - Illuminati ? - IBIZA BLOG

Cream - Privilege - Ibiza - Illuminati?

Is Cream at Privilege in Ibiza Illuminati?

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Here we shall present our findings and personal opinions, which we are free express. We encourage you to do your own research and form your own conclusions. Please do not be one of the herd because the herd could be wrong. 

The content of the video matches that of other suspected Illuminati is sexist and violent. The video starts off showing images of pouting women. Over sexualised imagery of women has been used increasingly in the EDM scene because sex sells but also because portraying women as sex objects, via imagery or podium dancers, to the masses of young people will make young women act like sex objects and young men treat them as such. Young women seeing such imagery without it being balanced by more positive female imagery will be more likely to become vacuous, vain and sexually promiscuous, using our best language there. This is what is wanted of women by the people who oversee the EDM scene. It is a reflection of what is in their heads and they project it onto the crowds because they want the new generations coming through to be as sexist and misogynistic as are they. Life's not much fun for them when how they think is deemed socially unacceptable so their only choice is to change society to their way of thinking.

The first set is by what we think is Sebastian Ingrosso. The video shows the screen behind the dj shooting at the crowd. Oh, what fun? Let's all go to Ibiza to be shot at. Yippee! Pay lots of money for the PRIVILEGE? Sure...take it! Then there is what can best be described as a war zone moment followed by the crowd getting gassed. Sorry but in this setting they are being gassed and not covered in smoke from a smoke machine. Then there's lots of smoke and confetti exploded into the crowd along with an emergency siren sound and brighter lights.

Now we want you to see a flashed subliminal photo for yourself. Please start watching from timeline 2.35 and see if you can see a photo of some people on the screen before 2.40. It was at 2.38 but was so quick we couldn't capture it. Who was it of? The djs? Other people? Why flash it up so quickly? Because it will sink into your subconscious mind and affect you. The use of this flashed photo proves Cream or Privilege is using the secrets of Freemasonry to affect your behaviour and thinking. 

Again at about 3mins there is a horrible emergency siren sound. At 3.30 the strobe lights make large pyramid shadows as the music quietens, as though out of respect, suggesting belief in the ancient Egyptian mysteries, which Freemasonry is based on. Then there are lots of triangle lights all over the place and Zeus lightning bolts shooting out...more mythology. Then we see a hypnotising spiral on the screen, which suggests the hypnotising of the crowd and Masonic black magic. Then more gunshot. Then the noise finally becomes what could remotely be classed as music, the warfare stops and the lights reveal, for the first time, people looking a little happy....or relieved. At 5.24 you can even hear...wait for it....someone laugh! Incredible! Well, not incredible actually because it would be the natural response to finally coming to the end of such vile negativity. It was, we believe, more of a nervous laugh. 

Then we hear the much over-used tune theme 'I saved the world tonight' and 'Save the world', much like 'Leave the world behind'. Lots of talk of saving or leaving the world. Lots of talk of the world. The young must have 'the world' on their minds and they must be made to believe the world either needs saving or is not worth saving. Either way, the young must believe the world is a mess and needs to be fixed by the nice people who will be so kind as to put RFID chips inside our bodies. What would we do without them? It's a little ironic that these people who keep going on about 'Who is going to save the world???' also subject millions of people to simulated war zones. 'Full of shit' springs to mind.

People can only either point an arm into the air or jump up and down on the spot. There is no room for dancing flair, but then they don't want you to have room to show off because then maybe people will copy you and you'd start a trend and....oh no.....change the direction of EDM!!!! NO!!!! The direction must come from above! You the people don't dictate the new moves, fashions, music. You are a carbon copy of the person standing next to you and that is the way you must stay if you are to be compliant when the New World Order is ushered in, which will be soon. The last thing they want is room for you to dance. Phew! Just keep pointing your arm and staring at the screen while feeling a little hazy and all will be well. You are doing very well. They are very proud of you. They love you you know.

More pyramids at dusk and the dj asks the crowd to 'make some noise' so everyone screams at the pyramids as if North Koreans having just seen a photo of Kim Jong Un. Did it arouse the Egyptian gods? No, but hey ho...maybe next time. They will not give up the faith. This is an example of people being coersed into religion without their knowledge, which is against Spanish law as is exposing people to any subliminal religious or mythology images or audio. Then we can see people standing at the bar looking thoroughly fed up. Not surprising really is it? Around 6.34 there are more photos of the sexy looking women. More conditioning. Shut up and look pretty woman! Got it yet?

Then Pete Tong's set starts with identical twins, or are they clones? Some people claim humans have been cloned for years by the elites for their own sexual and violent amusement.  Dolly the sheep was created a long time ago. Human cloning is part of the transhumanist/human potential movement, which aims to create the most advanced (productive) humans possible. Please note...happiness does not come into it. Humans who can work hard, produce more, not get tired, who don't complain, who think rigidly and who need little food would be perfect for the new world to come. So cloning is ideal for the globalists. They get one they like and they ordered loads more. Money is the end game...not humanity. Back to Pete Tong's photo shown above him at Cream at Privilege. The identical twins, or clones, had FACT written on their tops. Is this voluntary self disclosure that human clones are A FACT? They tell us everything. We can never claim they didn't tell us. Open your eyes.

The lights above Pete Tong form a pyramid so he is within it, which is an occult thing to do as they think it will give them supernatural power. Yes, silly, but they rule the world so it's powerful silly. Pete's 'sounds' start off as something with the vague hint of a tune but quickly turn into 'war zone' sounds. You see a few scantily dressed podium dancers who would be better suited to strip clubs. SEX+MONEY+VIOLENCE+POWER+CONTROL

A riot of triangles. More quickly flashed photos of sexy women just to make sure the women have got the pose imprinted in their minds. The background is a hypnotising spiral....mind control. Then the crowd gets gassed again. Then flames shoot up and the emergency siren starts again. The flames now look like firing weapons and the war zone sounds get louder. More confetti billowing in the air like shrapnel.

Then we see what appears to be a spaceship shown on the screen behind Pete Tong. At timeline 10:50 you will see a very quickly flashed image of what looks like an alien. Our best capture of it is below but please look for it yourself. We believe the image was flashed so quickly so that the image of an alien sank deep into your subconscious mind. That way it impacts on you more greatly. (We advise you to stop using Facebook as it contains subliminal images of homosexual sex, which could make you want to give it a go). We believe the people who control the EDM scene want you to fear aliens. They also want you to believe they exist. The reason for that is because false flag operations (pretend emergencies) have always been extremely effective at getting the masses to respond in the way they want them to. They want you to conform, to unite, to offer up your hand for an RFID chip and generally submit to the New World Order. In order for them to be successful they must first get you to believe in aliens. Sceptics bad...suckers good.

Then around 11.02 we see one of the clones who also looks very much like a humanoid...a synthetic human. This again ties in with the elite's plan to do away with us unwashed masses and replace us with man made people who they can program to do whatever they wish. Then they don't have to worry about all that democracy charade anymore. We and our feelings have been a major inconvenience.

Then there is a series of extremely quickly flashed images. The quickness of the flashes is proof, we feel, of Freemasonry learnt tricks of the mind.

A BBC sign is shown...not subliminally. Then more tedious pouting women just to drum it in a bit more.  

And that is the end of the highlights of this Cream event at Privilege in Ibiza. If they were the highlights thank goodness we didn't see the low lights. This event, which was not a party, could best be summed up as a traumatic mind control session designed to make the subjects desensitised to violence, more sexist, more stupid, less creative, more lemming-like and more likely to support the idea of alien abductions and invasions. The people behind this are evil bastards WHO DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU no matter what insincere messages they show on their screens.

Please notice that Sebastien Ingrosso's set was almost identical to Pete Tong's set, which suggests they are no longer in control of their creative direction. We believe they are controlled puppets of the elites, the Illuminati, whatever it is that is using EDM to carry out mind control in order to achieve their not so hidden New World Order agenda. EDM has not changed a great deal in at least ten years and we believe that is because it doesn't need to. It is doing it's job,
which is to manipulate you.

The most notable thing in this hideous display of power corrupting absolutely is the lone mirror ball, hanging embarassingly and redudantly. It turns and it twinkles somewhat but no-one would notice it. How could it compete with the violent execution going on beneath it? It hangs in testiment to more joyful times with real music, people dancing innovatively, clothing being a reflection of the creative and daring people, and clubs in which a few sparkles were all that were needed to trick the mind into believing it was in heaven. Now, the disco balls of Ibiza feel more useless and outdated than Teddy Boys in the 70s. But these disco balls are more than things that refused to get with it. They are wise....they've seen it all.....and they know where the youth is being led by the Pied Pipers of the music industry. But all they can do is twinkle their mirrors because maybe, just maybe, someone will see.

More posts will be made on Cream another day. 

If you think there is something not right about the EDM scene then please pass this blog on because we cannot guarantee we will be around forever. We alone cannot stop this cancer. Our only hope is in getting everyone talking. If not, you know your future. It only takes twenty-five years to destroy a generation. EDM is nearly there.

Please bare in mind that the control comes from the top of the pyramid and therefore the djs and even the clubs might right now be trapped in something they hate and wish they could escape. Some, of course, will be looking forward to the 90% population reduction but hopefully many djs will either be gagged or mind controlled into obedience. EDM is, along with the New Age movement, a medium for Theosophy and, like in any religion, there will be many who wish to leave but are unable. Speaking out will help free not only ourselves but also all the people within EDM who are begging us to wake up, open our eyes and demand explanations. 'Why can't they see?? Are they stupid??'.

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