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Harmful Infrasound in electronic dance music (EDM) and the Illuminati - IBIZA BLOG

This post on harmful infrasound in electronic dance music (EDM) and the Illuminati of global elites involvement in it is very long and will require significant effort to study thoroughly. We implore you to stick with it as we feel it is vitally important the wider public picks up on this as quickly as is humanly possible. We will be looking into the possibilities of testing music on the internet as well as at clubs and festivals.

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Is there harmful infrasound in EDM?

Please watch the videos posted. We shall add to this post over the next day or so so please keep checking back.

The protective screen shown in the above video was patented but it says it is not known whether or not that patent was ever put to use. It says the inventor 'went completely silent' after the patent was granted. What happened to him? Was the protective screen (sonic armour) ever manufactured? Please note what the screen looks like at timeline 9.40...copper piping.

Now go to timeline 20 seconds in the above video. You will see behind the man a corridor through a doorway. The plastic sheet is  opened to form a pyramidal triangle and through the gap you can see what looks like the copper piping of the protective screen in the video above.

We believe the corridor represents a secret place, the triangle represents the Illuminati of global elites and the wall of copper piping represents protection from infrasound. 

The man tells us that scientific breakthroughs cannot be unlearnt and that they can be used for good and evil purposes...and that we will only be warned once.

The rest of the video can be ignored for now although it does include a section on CIA funded MK Ultra mind control, which we and many others believe many celebrities have been subjected to. Something we noted in this section was that the woman, clearly in distress, mentioned 'the others'. This led the psychiatrist to assume she was delusional. The label 'the others' was also used by Tila Tequilla in her messages about, we presume, the Illuminati. This is very significant because anyone who goes around talking about the Illuminati (the others) is automatically assumed to be insane and their warnings are dismissed without any thought. The fact she said, 'the others' though proves this video was in fact made by 'the others'. It is not a common phrase. It is obviously an insider thing.


Kate Bush - Exeperiement IV
 Shadowy government activities are also alluded to in other songs by Bush – notably Army Dreamers, Breathing and Cloudbusting, and in Experiment IV, the government is at it again, this time taking music and subverting its associations with pleasure, creativity and beauty, and transforming it into a weapon that can kill.
Throughout the song the listener is fed snippets of exactly what has gone into creating this devastating sound – From the painful cries of mothers, To the terrifying scream... We recorded it and put it into our machine. The dark subject matter of both the lyrics and the video - sinister music that can harm and kill the listener, coupled with the strange technology the scientists use to create it (most hauntingly of all it’s never revealed why...
 ...the reluctant Professor overseeing the research is named Jerry Coe; perhaps a reference to Jericho, the walls of which crumbled at the sound of the Israelites’ trumpets at the end of a war, as described in the biblical book of Joshua.
read more.

Kate Bush 'Experiment IV' analysis is below.

Kate Bush Experiment IV

The scientists has been invited to a music shop and everything appears on the surface to be perfectly harmless and ordinary. This scene represents the false face of the Masonic music industry. Nobody would suspect it of anything untoward.

Kate Bush Experiment IV

The scientist is directed to the back door by the musician who, despite appearing normal is obviously in on the deception. The back door represents the real workings of the music industry.

Kate Bush Experiment IV

A door is opened for him and he finds himself in a hospital.

This represents the 'behind the scenes' psychiatric nature of the music industry.

Kate Bush Experiment IV

The scientist is led into a music production studio where a medical man awaits him.

This combination of medical and musical is intented to reveal the close connection between the two disciplines.

Kate Bush Experiment IV

The experiment is labeled 'Top Secret', which represents the secretive nature of both the music industry and Freemasonry.

 Kate Bush Experiment IV

The man who ordered the scientist along announces that he wants a 

sound that can kill someone.

 Kate Bush Experiment IV

The scientist protests but obviously he is powerless to defy the orders.

This demonstrates the highly likely probability there are many people in the world today who have been forced to do something under duress.

Our work aims to help not just the ordinary people who have nothing to do with the Illuminati but also the adults and children who are trapped in some way and begging you all to open your eyes so they can be saved.

Kate Bush Experiment IV

Not only are pregnant women recorded whilst in labour but also a person in a straight jacket crying out for help. We have discussed sick samples in EDM and this clip tells us that is exactly what they do. Why they do that we do not know for sure but we suspect it is because the human brain responds far more to the sound of people in pain or fear.

You really have no idea what it is you are allowing to enter your mind. We suspect real victims of torture have been recorded and samples made of the noises for use in EDM.

Kate Bush Experiment IV

The time on the watch, which has been repositioned intentionally so we can see it, is 11 o'clock, 11 being the most significant number in the occult.

Kate Bush Experiment IV

A man has been strapped down and a box emits noise, which we believe is infrasound. The sound is represented by the angel. The infrasound starts off low generating a euphoric feeling in the man who misinterprets this sensation for falling in love. He believes he is in love with the sound, which would explain why crowds of people can look like they are swooning at the DJ despite the music being utterly dreadful. This phenomenon is demonstrated in the video When Will The Base Drop, which we analysed here.

The angel turns into the angel of death when the infrasound is turned up and the man starts to suffer pain and eventually dies.

Kate Bush Experiment IV

The angel of death with red eyes, these representing death.

We have discussed red eyes here.

Kate Bush Experiment IV

The angel of death, which represents the infrasound.

Kate Bush Experiment IV

Even the scientist is killed despite having helped 'the others'. This is self disclose of the Illuminati. They always kill off their useful idiots or suckers.

Kate Bush Experiment IV

Everyone dies as the infrasound travels far and wide.

The cull is indescriminate.

Kate Bush Experiment IV

Even a man who clearly believes he can phone the man in charge for a reprieve and an escape route, maybe because he has done extra work for the cult, finds he too is in the firing line. No matter what you have done for them you will be killed along with everyone else.

Kate Bush Experiment IV

The man who invited the scientist along hears the demise of his helper and smiles.

He cares about no-one and nothing but the project.

Kate Bush Experiment IV

He ticks the page inside the folder. Job done. Story complete.

Kate Bush Experiment IV

But this man is not the top man. He has to get a different telephone out to phone the man above him, suggesting a totally secret line of communication. This is indicative of Freemasonry, in which no-one knows who or what is above them...many believing they are near the top.

Kate Bush Experiment IV

Everyone has been killed by the infrasound, including the music shop keeper.

This should tell any musician, DJ or actor that they too will be disposed of once their job is done. They are only safe whilst they are of use.

Kate Bush Experiment IV

The ordinary looking shop has dead bodies strewn outside.

It has blood on its doorstep.

Kate Bush Experiment IV

The whole area is labeled 'Prohibited' suggesting a cover up and lack of media attention.

Kate Bush Experiment IV

Kate Bush, clearly in the know about the Illuminati, gives the very common 'shush' signal while closing one eye.

What is the big secret Kate?

That video was nominated for a Grammy, which tells you something about the Grammys.

That we have been steadily weakened and sent to early graves thanks to infrasound coming from TVs, digiboxes, videos, CDs, radios, mobile phone masts, etc? Or that a big cull is about to happen? Given this video was made twenty-eight years ago and given a similar infrasound cull video has been made very recently, this suggests the global elites have been preparing for this for a long time.

It is of concern that the US government has just announced that HAARP is to be dismantled soon. This announcement came just after the release of When Will the Base Drop?

Lyrics to Experiment IV

Our words in bold.

We were working secretly
For the military.
Our experiment in sound,
Was nearly ready to begin.
We only know in theory
What we are doing:
Music made for pleasure,
Music made to thrill.
It was music we were making here until

They told us
All they wanted
Was a sound that could kill someone
From a distance. (Infrasound)
So we go ahead,
And the meters are over in the red.
(Very high levels of infrasound)
It's a mistake in the making.

From the painful cry of mothers,
To the terrifying scream,
We recorded it and put it into our machine.
(Sick samples of real people in pain used in music)
Then they told us
All they wanted
Was a sound that could kill someone
From a distance.
So we go ahead,
And the meters are over in the red.
It's a mistake in the making.

It could feel like falling in love.
(Low levels cause euphoria)
It could feel so bad.
But it could feel so good.
It could sing you to sleep

?"I'll bet my mum's gonna give me a little toy instrument!"?

But that dream is your enemy.

We won't be there to be blamed.
We won't be there to snitch.
I just pray that someone there
Can hit the switch.

But they told us
All they wanted
Was a sound that could kill someone
From a distance.
So we go ahead,
And the meters are over in the red.
It's a mistake we've made.

Hmm hmm hmm, hmm hmm hmm.
And the public are warned to stay off.


 This is not a warning to try to help the future of humanity.

This is not a prophetic warning.

This is self disclosure.

They always tells us what they are going to do to us.


Rock Magic: Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin, And a search for the elusive Stairway to Heaven by William Burroughs, Crawdaddy Magazine, June 1975.

William Burroughs: Did you ever hear about something called infra-sound?

Jimmy Page: Uh, carry on.

WB: Well, infra-sound is sound below the level of hearing. And it was developed by someone named Professor Gavreau in France as a military weapon. He had an infra-sound installation that he could turn on and kill everything within five miles. It can also knock down walls and break windows. But it kills by setting up vibrations within the body. Well, what I was wondering was, whether rhythmical music at sort of the borderline of infra-sound could be used to produce rhythms in the audience–because, of course, any music with volume will set up these vibrations. That is part of the way the effect is achieved.

JP: Hmm.

WB: It’s apparently…it’s not complicated to build these infra-sound things.

JP: I’ve heard of this, actually but not in such a detailed explanation. I’ve heard that certain frequencies can make you physically ill.

WB: Yes. Well, this can be fatal. That’s not what you’re looking for. But it could be used just to set up vibrations….

JP: Ah hah…A death ray machine! Of course, when radio first came out they were picketing all the radio stations, weren’t they, saying “We don’t want these poisonous rays” [laughter]….Yes, well…certain notes can break glasses. I mean, opera singers can break glasses with sound, this is true?

WB: That was one of Caruso’s tricks.

JP: But it is true?

WB: Of course.

JP: I’ve never seen it done.

WB: I’ve never seen it done, but I know that you can do it.

JP: I want laser NOTES, that’s what I’m after! Cut right through.
WB: Apparently you can make one of these things out of parts you can buy in a junk yard. It’s not a complicated machine to make. And actually the patent…it’s patented in France, and according to French law, you can obtain a copy of the patent. For a very small fee.

JP: Well, you see the thing is, it’s hard to know just exactly what is going on, from the stage to the audience…You can only…I mean I’ve never seen the group play, obviously. Because I’m part of it….I can only see it on celluloid, or hear it. But I know what I see. And this thing about rhythms within the audience. I would say yes. Yes, definitely. And it is…Music which involves riffs, anyway, will have a trance-like effect, and it’s really like a mantra….And we’ve been attacked for that.

WB: What a mantra does is set up certain vibrations within the body, and this, obviously does the same thing. Of course, it goes….it comes out too far. But I was wondering if on the borderline of infra-sound that possibly some interesting things could be done.

JP: Ah.


Infrasound: A Natural Drug?

"Positive or Negative"

By: Michael W. Smith

Infrasound generated by technology should in most cases be deemed a "Negative".

 Humanity has suffered the ill affects of man-made infrasound for many decades with the progression of consumer-based technology.

 Defiance of the laws of nature will only result in disaster in any case. Abuse of any natural substance or natural phenomenon can only have harmful results. Many people have realized that excessive exposure to man-made infrasound can result in a natural high. When the human body is bombarded with high intensity infrasound the "fight" or "flight" reaction is triggered. Thus the brain produces stress hormones, adrenaline, and a natural pain killer. The body then experiences increased breathing and heart rate. Thus the natural high is more extensive. Excessive frequency of this behavior can only result in potential addiction. The most common means of generating excessive man-made infrasound is with amplified stereo equipment with subwoofer speakers played loudly. This capability is only enhanced with the use of specially programmed CD music that is tailored to generate maximum low frequency bass, thus generating maximum high intensity infrasound. The negative health impacts do not only damage the subjects hearing but internal organs are damaged at the cellular level due to the excessive total-body vibrations of the infrasound. The list of health and mental impacts are much greater than can be mentioned in this document concerning infrasound. 

This is a global problem thus the harmful affects of man-made infrasound is worldwide. The audio/music industry is now developing music that is intentionally laced with extra infrasound to create predefined sensations and moods. This is achieved by varying the transmission rates (hertz) to trigger other natural responses in the brain. The brain controls the entire body through transmission of electrical impulses at 7 to 8 hertz. 

If this transmission rate/sequence is hindered, or corrupted, in any way then immediate death could occur. 

An overdose of infrasound is no different to its victim than other drugs. 

Can Infrasound be considered an addictive drug? YES!

Read full article here


The following is taken from 'Lower the Boom'

The music industry is now producing CDs and sub-woofers capable of producing very low frequencies and infrasound:

1.) Bass Mekanik: Sonic Overload - 2 CD set with a myriad of very low frequency tracks. The lowest = 1 to 10 Hz. This CD is advertised with these words, via Parts Express online: "The ultimate competition, showin' off your system and having a good time doing it disc.. you might even blow something up!"

2.) CD #101, Low Frequency Test CD - contains tracks with 10 Hz, 11 Hz, 12 Hz, etc.

3.) Hollywood Sound Labs Excursion 158D - a sub-woofer that has below 20 Hz handling capabilities. When tested, it produced 129.7 dB at 46 Hz with 1,000 watts of power.

4.) Extreme SPL dB Drag Racing logo includes these words in the heading: "Infrasound - Extreme Car Audio"

5.) Virtual Bass, by Bass 305 - tracks with 20 Hz and an "ultra boom experiment."


Given infrasound is such a new subject and given the research of it seems to be mostly kept secret, you would have thought there would be no mention of it in the music industry. You certainly would not have imagined house music (EDM actually because it's not house music anymore) would mention it. Well, you would be very wrong.


Infrasound Festival
(Pyramid DJ box, much like Daft Punk. Notice the 'Love and Light'...the much used term in Ibiza. Is the use of inaudible harmful sound on an unsuspecting audience 'love and light'?)

Main Squeaze Mix (Infrasound cut) 
(The image of the planes flying over the devasted land is omminous. Also note the pyramid in the other mix)

 Infrasonic Recordings

Infrasonic Sound

Infrasound Studios

Plynth Infrasound

Infrasound Music

Infrasound CzESKI
 (Skull and alien spaceship)

Infrasound Productions
(Weird religious image)

(Image of man using coat to shield him from....infrasound?)

 Infrasound Media

Infrasound Music

 (pyramid in logo plus down pointed triangle)

Infrasound D&B

DJ Infrasonic

Paul Infrasonic

 DJ Perilous - Infrasonic
Paul Rigel - Glide Above E.P [Infrasonic]

DJ Thorne - Infrasound
Infrasound(DJ Resh & Riggsy)
Didrapest - Infra Sound (Fanalyze Remix)

Infrasound 3D

Frydae - InfraSound

Yhimself - Infrasound (Dubstyle)

We could go on and on as there are countless more but we think you get the picture. DJs have knowledge of something the general public knows almost nothing about. It is our belief that all the DJs, producers and record companies above are Freemasons. We believe that because we feel the knowledge of infrasound was learnt at Freemasonry. 

We suspect the music above contains infrasound, some at a level to make you feel euphoric (although that level is still harmful as it is addictive and causes cellular damage) and some at a higher level to make you feel slightly spooked out to encourage the 'spiritual' side of EDM, which is clearly all a complete haux. Spooky yes, spiritual no.

You would have thought that if DJs and record companies were serrupticiously using infrasound to sell more music and make a good party with less effort that they would not put the revealing words in their names. But Freemasonry and the Illuminati does not conceal this kind of exposes itself in some ways...hiding in plain sight. This also serves to muddy the water should you wish to find information on DJs using infrasound. Should you do a Google search for 'DJ infrasound', 'Infrasound music', etc then you might struggle to find any information due to having to wade through so many mixes, DJs and record companies. This tactic is discussed here.


Here are some quotes from Future Producers forum on the subject of infrasound. The thread was on binary beats and infrasound use in music but we have tried to just post comments refering to infrasound.

 In my conclusion i plan to introduce these into my music if it is possible ima do alot more studying to find out how to re-create these. Wat do you all think of this?

 Lustmord (dark ambient musician) uses alot of these sub-frequencies in his music. To good effect too. Velvet Cacoon uses alot of this sort of stuff on their Northsuite and Genevieve albums as well, specifically in the songs Bete Noir and Northsuite. Really haunting stuff. 

 its 2007 its no time like the present to start trying new things that could change the future of how we do music i plan to start on this as soon as i come up wit a good plan to go about doin this 

 the use of it is as new as Tesla (if you want to look him up). 

infrasound is already in use by some artist

 a quick Google search shows you can buy sound oscillators that go down to 1hz(!)

 Man, I thought I was the only devious one that knew about this and planned to put it into my music You guys are getting way too caught up in "hearing" these tones.

 got any links on this , I want to make pyscotraphic hallucenogenic masterpieces! 


Here is a fund raising page for a proposed theatre project...

The Devil Without- immersive theatre experience.

 They are sealed into the room with Faust and told that they must not open the door for one bare hour. Faust gives the audience his story in return, detailing how he came to sell his soul however, things do not go to plan, they are discovered and The Devil Without starts to manifest within. A terrifying struggle ensues as the Devil starts to make his presence felt resulting in a battle for Faust's survival and a member of the audience's soul. They will be complicit in Faust's journey, they will make decisions that impact upon how the hour turns out and there will be a vital moment where an unsuspecting member of the audience will experience the creeping sensation of possession live on stage. The performance will feature an original score by Daniel Sarstedt, son of Ivor Novello award winner Peter Sarstedt and member of Danish electronica band Det Sejler  I Effekter including a 'silent score' using infrasound designed to be felt rather than heard. Peter Bryant- an expert in binaural beats and infrasonic sound is giving professional advice on sound design.









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