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International Music Summit 2014 Review - IBIZA BLOG

This is a joke post and is designed to humour and not state facts. We believe humour is needed when faced with dictatorial regimes and, as yet, there is no law against laughing.

International Music Summit Ibiza 2014

We believe it must be as hard to freely speak your mind in the EDM community as it would be to speak your mind in North Korea. With this in mind, we will act as interpreters for those who hinted at things but didn't quite lay it on the line as they probably would have wished.

Annie Mac
The kids that have grown up with EDM over the last five to seven years are now looking for more and they're looking to be a bit more refined in their taste.
Our interpretation: EDM is utter shit now and even the kids know it.

Seth Troxler
I think the character of a lot of the EDM people coming up is very very low in respect and honesty.
Our interpretation: The newly successful DJs are corrupt bastards who don't care less about anything but taking the money.
Really what we're looking at right now is an over-saturation (in Ibiza) in one genre of music.
Our interpretation: It all sounds the same and there's nothing new anymore. Change the record!
I feel that anyone who puts (?) in someone's face and calls it music just doesn't really have a page in my's not our culture at all and I'm really offended by it and I'd be damned to support it.
Our interpretation: Bang bang boom boom siren siren explosion bang bang is not music and I have no time for the cheating scumbags who pretend it is and would really love to put their heads down a toilet.
Seth Troxler was quoted as saying, 'EDM DJs are the worst ever', which he corrected with 'some DJs'.

Seth...we agree and countless others do too. But Pete Tong's (suspected) Masonic pyramidal industry structure of power and control makes it almost impossible to either say that 'to their face' or have any affect on the current situation. Kim Jong Un does not appreciate advice and would not change his methods no matter how many people asked him to or how blatantly obvious a change was needed and the EDM empire has no intention of doing so either. They would both rather die sinking solemnly into a mud pit holding a flag than admit they were in a mess. What is really needed is the complete demolition of the pyramid of power, especially its summit, but Masonic mind control is a powerful thing and getting to grips with the idea that illumination can come from the bottom would result in a complete electrical malfunction.

Pete Tong then asks Annie Mac if she gets asked the question, 'Why are there not more female DJs?'

Annie Mac

Yes, I look forward to the day when I don't get asked that question. It would be nice for it to not be an issue anymore but I understand that it really is. Even when you're driving round Ibiza today like that big billboard for Ushuaia opening party it's just nine men. It's quite powerful when you see it like that. Nine men, lots of them with receding hair. 
Our interpretation: Everyone can see it's a male dominated genre and I am sick of being asked why. The genre has too many aging male cronies who control the scene and it's getting ridiculous.


It is different between that times and now. It was very cosmopolitan. There were no English parties or French parties. And to make them dance you have to tell them a story. 
Our interpretation: It's all changed for the worse, the parties are homogenised, the music is not dance music and I despair at what you're done to house music I really do.

It's a shame the best old cronies are the ones who seem to take more of a back seat.

Pete Tong
Some really important issues raised. It's clear to see that the industry is thriving.
Our interpretation: The industry is in a mess but it's making a tonne of money so we don't care. What matters is the bottom line. Not creativity, not equality of the sexes, not honour and decency, not making the people dance, not even making something that deserves to be called music. EDM is worth 13 billion now, we're decimating small clubs and live music throughout the world, sucking more and more young men into occult Freemasonry via DJing and we're getting the subliminals out there. Why change it?

More to come but so far the hero of the event is Seth Troxler for saying 'and I'll be damned to support it.'

Hero!!! Man, you laid it on the line!!!

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