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Hunger Games Analysis - Illuminati Elite - IBIZA BLOG

 Please read about how the 12A rating for the film Hunger Games has left many children traumatised and parents and psychiatrists raising the alarm. A 12A rating means children twelve and over can watch it alone and children under twelve can watch it if accompanied by an adult. What kind of parent would accompany a child of any age to watch a film in which children kill each other? Even an adult should not watch this film. Put something like this into a child's mind and it will become hard-wired into his psyche. It may also cause the fracturing of the subconscious mind, which is a method used in mind control. The compartmentalising of the character via trauma based mind control. Take your child to see a film like this and you subject them to a part of MK Ultra mind control. If your child's mind has intentionally been compartmentalised via trauma based mind control then you can also assume they have been programmed with triggers that will awaken the different alters at some point in time.

The parents who willingly subject their children to gratuitous violence in films, video games or music videos might as well have their kids raised by sadistic murderers because the same mental damage would be done. Children are sponges and their environment partly forms their lifetime moral and social template. Right now parents are paying money to have their children's psyches programmed to be as psychopaths. They are voluntarily desensitising their own children to violence and a person who does not feel negative emotions on witnessing violence is partly like a psychopath. Video games that glorify violence and killing will make children become addicted to the adrenalin rush of the kill and that is precisely what psychopaths feel....dark ecstasy. If you expose your kids to the dark they will become dark.
This film is quite clearly 'self disclosure'....voluntary admission of what the Illuminati of elites is planning on doing to us...their Utopian vision....their dream for the future. Them comfortable and technologically advanced and us mostly wiped out other than a few remnants of normal humanity remaining for work purposes and entertainment, much like the Romans enjoyed watching people suffering horrible ends. But the elites of tomorrow will have many technologies at their disposal so the Romans' psychopathy will seem gentle by comparison. One man in the videos below says we will live like they did in Little House on the Prairie. We might live in wooden houses but that is about as far as the correlation will go. The people of Little House on the Prairie had freedom, love, compassion, community, hope and health. There will never have been a people who lived such a hideous existence as the one we are marching our descendants into. The combination of poverty, constant surveillance, lack of freedom, constant threats, in-fighting,  psychopathic indifference to death and technologically advanced weapons of entertainment and suffering will be something no ordinary human could cope with. Living wild in a jungle will become a dream.

We have already told our bog readers we believe they are subjecting you to infrasound to either make you feel in love (with the DJ) or feel spooked (to get you into the occult). We believe films like this will also subject you to infrasound to make you feel afraid. See this. Put on the spot or what? We have shown you the video 'When will the bass drop?' to point out the pleasure the DJ derived from watching the suffering of their fans as their heads exploded and as they killed themselves to escape their suffering. If these people do manage to achieve the society in Hunger Games they will have even worse things to use against us than infrasound that can make your organs move about and eventually explode. We are not sensationalising....they told you about this in their video. We are only forcing you to see what they have shoved in your face.

Please watch the videos below on the Hunger Games and other related topics....
Please note that the authors of this blog have not watched Hunger Games and we have no intention of watching it. We advise you to also avoid it and instead to learn about it from the videos above, from newspaper articles about its harmful outcome and from blogs such as this one.







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  1. This is one of the best pieces I have read in a while, thank you kindly for sharing. Ive been doing my own research lately and noticed that it becomes easier to see beyond and behind all of the illuminati's propaganda when you disconnect from mainstream media. Yes I believe they are ushering in a New World Order and it is happening right now. Is this WWIII ? The breaking down of every construct that we never thought would ever happen, I certainly have not. Currency war? A gender war? Its the Inversion of Truth you see But it is so sinister and vile that it boggles the mind, the lengths THEY have gone to in order for this moment to play out just as they had planned. Such patience and evil, a perfectly plotted plan! I am looking at Russia and the entire East and my hopes and prayers are that Mr Putin and his friends do whatever they need to do to stop a major catastrophe from happening. In the meantime, share, read ask questions and educate yourself on what is really going on.
    We are all affected as the NWO wants a two tiered system you see, the super elite and the very poor, no middle class and with price hikes/job losses/debt rising, we are sure being great little soldiers for these masters who are probably roflmao-ing watching us go about like zombies getting poorer by the day while stuffing our faces with cheap plastic foods and every soul-less mindless and dumb downing distraction created by the media.

    Ps signed anon because yayyyy....Im finally facebook free, smartphone tv radio and all media free. Very grateful for the internet as it is. For now.
    Namaste, Shihaam
    ''When you start pulling the strings in an attempt to find the truth behind layers of lies and deception, and you think you have peeled off enough layers to grasp the whole concept of the Secret Agenda, you soon find that you still have only touched the surface. The deception is so deep and well planned, that it is extremely hard to get to the bottom of it"