Monday, 12 May 2014

Clubs, bars, djs, graphic designers, photographers...
...not Freemasons or Illuminati IBIZA BLOG

We feel the clubs, bars, djs, graphic designers and photographers who are Freemasons or affiliated in some way with secret societies/Illuminati, etc, and who therefore have a distinct advantage over those not in the club have hijacked the EDM scene (plus others). Triangles, pyramids, aliens, single eye shots, etc, etc. They have at least used the tricks they have learnt at Freemason pinny meets or used their work as a tool to push their religious and political agendas onto the gullible youth. We think that is wrong, although we realise unscrupulous bastards have always taken advantage of those less aware than themselves.

If you are a club/bar owner, dj, music producer, EDM graphic designer or photographer who is NOT a Freemason, who has no affiliation to any secret society, who does not use subversive/religious/political messages, whose PR material is independent, who does not encourage misogyny (sexy female dancers), who is dj who does not make himself the centre of attention, who has no VIP area and who generally wishes to return EDM to the grass roots, joyous, inclusive and creative genre it once was then please email us your short bio with website, email, skills, etc., and we shall add you to the list here.

This list will be placed under the opening post of this blog so it will get lots of exposure. We shall also list people/places in Ibiza we feel are independent.To start with, this list will be for anyone in the world because we want to encourage people to shout out, 'I am not a part of that'. But, if you are a club, be sure your lighting director/promoter/djs are independent....if you are a dj, check your PR material and your record label's other material.

It's time for independent artists to step into the limelight. They should be proud of themselves.


As you can see this list is non-existent as there are almost no independents and those that are are too nervous to be on the list.

Here is one DJ we feel is independent.

Norman Jay.

Go through these photos and see the difference between him and his publicity material and the photos of big name DJs and their material. You will see that Norman Jay looks happy and relaxed in his photos and his material looks varied, colourful, creative and individual. We cannot find any Illuminati symbolism. Norman Jay has not asked to be put on this list and can be removed from it that is his wish.

Can you find another?

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