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Shaygray & Borgore - Illuminati

Record Label - Dim Max founded by Steve Aoki.



This post on Shaygray & Borgore's Illuminati track is going to be a very long one
and will be updated throughout the day and evening, so please pop back.

The video purports to be a dig at the conspiracy theorists who claim the Illuminati does exist. Shaygray and Borgore are small time Israeli DJ brothers so this music video seems massively out on sync with people who appear to be fresh onto the scene. Not only that but the tune has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times already and, most tellingly of all, it is free to download.

So who paid for what must have been an expensive video to be produced for such small time DJs and for what purpose? Just to have a dig at conspiracy theorists? That is a lot of money just to make a joke out of a few people. This rapper has a wealthy backer. Is it he who is being financed or the message?

If this video is purely a dig at Illuminati conspiracy theorists it would not contain anything particularly revealing. It might contain some triangles, all-seeing eyes and some elites living it up.

Shaygray & Borgore - Illuminati 
The very first snapshot gives the game away. Gaddafi was obviously not killed because he was a nasty man but because he was introducing the Diner, the gold currency, and was about to demand all oil be paid in gold. As the US dollar is backed by absolutely nothing, a gold currency in the world was not going to go down well and would have been a massive problem for the New World Order globalists. He also exposed the Illuminati.

He has been included in this video as a dig at him and not at conspiracy theorists. It is revenge. To rub salt into the dead wound, they gave him breasts. 

Shaygray & Borgore - Illuminati 

This old tramp is being forcibly injected with a giant syringe. 

There has been recent coverage about homeless people being rounded up in the US and taken to fema camps and forced to have RFID chips implanted, which can be done via injections. Vagrants would make excellent RFID guinea pigs as they would be easy to bribe, easy to intimidate and have little support to help them out of a difficult situation. Once chipped, they could be monitored as pre-global RFID chipping test mice. If they start telling people they would be easy to 'remove' and no-one would be any the wiser.

Shaygray & Borgore - Illuminati 

Why would the use of midgets be a dig at conspiracy theorists? 

Midgets are employed in performanced by suspected Illuminati puppets, such as Miley Cyrus. 

Shaygray & Borgore - Illuminati 

Again, this is not a dig at conspiracy theorists but a portrayal of what the Illuminati likes to do, odd though it is. Pacha in Sydney used this single eyeball headgear. 

Shaygray & Borgore - Illuminati 

Looking through a triangle, which is exactly what many celebrities are doing now. 

Why is this a dig at conspiracy theorists?
Shaygray & Borgore - Illuminati 

  Amy Whinehouse is said to have been killed by the Illuminati for this and joined the 'Club27' - celebrities who were killed at age 27. 

How many Illuminati conspiracy theorists talk about re-creating dead people using just their DNA, which the pair of Amy Whinehouse's suggests? Most Illuminati conspiracy theorists talk about all-seeing eyes, triangles, pyramids, bloodlines, royalty, Freemasons and not as lot else.

Shaygray & Borgore - Illuminati 

Area51 aliens. 

Yes, this could be a dig at conspiracy theorists or it could be self disclosure...that Area 51 is where the alien agenda is being worked on. Is there not an alien agenda going on at the moment? Are we not being bombarded with stories of alien abductions, alien spacecraft sightings, etc.? Are DJs not using alien imagery so commonly it could only be due to an agenda? This is prepping us for a false flag operation....a pretend alien visitation that will make the whole world unite....into a New World Order.  

There are lots of Disney references in this video. 

Please watch this video on Walt Disney...

 Given the information in this video, it would be unfair to have a dig at conspiracy theorists. Or do Shaygray and Borgore think it's ok to include sexual subliminal images in films and to encourage little girls to become prematurely sexualised? Shouldn't the dig be aimed at the people who steal children's innocencece and not the people who expose them?

There is a lot of Nazism to Mickey Mouse...

Does this make you think of Deadmau5 with his Mickey Mouse ears?

Shaygray & Borgore - Illuminati 

More Disney references.

The red shoes are a reference to the Wizard of Oz, which is said to be an Illuminati depiction of Theosophy. The red shoes symbolise power and authority so this tired looking Snow White suggests women's power is diminishing and men are taking control. This type of control of women can be seen in today's society with women treated as sluts and encouraged to act and dress like sluts. Some women would say they do it because they want to and that it is liberating, but the majority is not the majority because of individualism but because of peer pressure, fashion, media influence, 
celebrity culture, music, etc.

Shaygray & Borgore - Illuminati 

Mickey Mouse ears with the faces blocked out suggesting the Mickey Mouse club in which young people are subjected to mind control and end up as dutiful Illuminati puppets with 
their personalities (faces) erased.

Shaygray & Borgore - Illuminati 

This seems to be a dig at Christians. Father Christmas is obviously not in the Bible but he is a symbol of the Christian culture. Shaygray and Borgore are Israeli Jews and therefore the mocking of either Jesus or Father Christmas is not surprising but what it has to do with Illuminati conspiracy theorists is unknown. Maybe just a personal dig thrown in.

Shaygray & Borgore - Illuminati 

The video takes a turn for the worse with this sinister image of a woman being throttled. Not many conspiracy theorists who talk about the Illuminati talk about women being throttled, 
so why has this been included?

There are two possibilities that both point to sexual masochism. Firstly, the Illuminati's cache of ancient wisdom is said to include knowledge of sex. This scene could suggest the apparent heightened pleasure of orgasm from lack of oxygen, otherwise known as erotic asphyxiation - the suspected cause of death of Michael Hutchence. But erotic asphyxiation is often auto-erotic asphyxiation - done alone. This scene is obviously not that. This scene then suggests snuff movies in which a person is killed during or after sex. Are Shaygray and Borgore trying to suggest there are not snuff movies being made or that they are not made by Freemason elites?

Shaygray & Borgore - Illuminati 

Shaygray gives the devil hand sign with a smirk.
Shaygray & Borgore - Illuminati 

This woman is of so little regard a man washed his hands over her.

Is it not a fact that women are treated with little respect in today's society - little more than sex objects?
Shaygray & Borgore - Illuminati 

Bringing back dead celebrities using just their DNA...but making a couple of them just for fun. We made a Dolly the Sheep from just her DNA. Why is it such a stretch to imagine humans are already being brought back from the dead or living people being cloned?

And a reference to 'Anonymous'. We shall come to that later. 

Shaygray & Borgore - Illuminati 

It is a conspiracy theory to say the Catholic Church has had a problem with sexuality within the priesthood not fitting with Christianity or is it fact? It is believed that every religion has been infiltrated by the Illuminati. Such things are not inherent to Catholicism but a result of devious 'traps and snares'.
Shaygray & Borgore - Illuminati 

Shaygray sporting a Clockwork Orange style eye, something not often mentioned in Illuminati conspiracy theory circles. The top hat is also an Illuminati symbol but, again, it's one not commonly discussed.
 Shaygray & Borgore - Illuminati

We, at Anonymous Ibiza, have never found any conspiracy theorists discussing gas masks. In fact, we believe our focus on it is unique on the internet.

 Shaygray & Borgore - Illuminati

At the end of the video, the Illuminati puppets are all killed by the strange little man. Why knows what that man represents?


This video contains many things that could only have been known by the Illuminati or by people who research it extensively. These details cannot be learnt in a short amount of time and would results in a hefty bill to fund. Is it likely that these unknown newcomers to the music industry, or their record label, could or would fund not only the production of the tune, the production of the video, the cost of marketing plus the cost of paying a researcher to find out all the little 'conspiracy theory' details that are included in the video? Not likely.

No if this video was like the digs the artists make at conspiracy theorists on their twitter pages then it would be believable. In other words, if all they did was make triangles or point at triangles and shout 'Illuminati!' and make a big joke of it then it would be funny and it would appear to be just a joke. But this video is very different to what we found on Shaygray's Twitter page.

Yes Shaygray and we know that the Illuminati (thanks for saying 'government'...little slip there) has done just that and we are right now discussing that very issue. We know the Illuminati sticks its fingers into every pie. It is a sneaky thing reliant on trickery.

What charming Edward Scissor Hands he has as he stands under his Star of David and down pointed occult Pentagram?

Here he plugs one of the Twitter accounts set up by the Illuminati to lull people into a false sense of security. This young man, a newcomer to the music industry, is working hard to dig at Illuminati conspiracy theorists and guide people to pacifying Twitter accounts. He really wants to do his best to persuade the people 'we have nothing to fear'....'it is all an ilusion'.

 He is as focused on the Illuminati as a conspiracy theorist. Isn't he supposed to be a rap artist making music?

This mockery of conspiracy theorists is the extent of his Illuminati knowledge....on his Twitter page. This is believable mockery....a stark contrast to the video.

He gets a one-eyed look in. He probably thinks he can do whatever he likes and still no-one will notice.

Here again we see daft mockery of the Illuminati conspracy but this is nothing like the video in which triangles only featured in a hand sign. A major disconnect.


This is a Borgore cover with both the down pointed triangle (occult) and the pyramidal triangle (ancient Egypt...steps of Freemasonry.)

Another reference to beheading.

A Masonic ring. Hardly conspiracy theory.

 Shaygray Illuminati

 Shaygray Illuminati

 Shaygray Illuminati

The above is fan art but quite clearly this 'fan' is not your average fan but one with insider knowledge. He's portrayed Shagray with an Illuminati eye, sitting on top of an Illuminati pyramid with all-seeing eye and also giving the 'as above so below' Satanic hand up the other down. The top hat is also a sign for magic...the occult. Of course, Shaygray knows his normal fans are almost entirely naive and gullible and will enjoy their blind faith in him.

 Shaygray Illuminati


Let's take a look at the record company that manages Shaygray and Borgore.


One eye hightlighted.

 Lion symbolises Illuminati royalty.

 Red eyes symbolises death.


 One eye highlighted

 One eye plus transhumanism

 Headless people similar to the Anonymous logo, which we believe was done by the Illuminati.

 More headlessness.


 Triangle representing the heirarchy of Freemasonry

 Black & white checkerboard pattern symbolises Freemasonry.

Chess game - each piece plays a part in the game.

 One eye highlighted. Devil hand sign.

 Hammer and sickel - Communism - the New World Order system.


 Red eyes

 Triangle and clones

 Clones and single eye

 Lion representing Illuminati royalty

 Black eyes representing soulessness. Black and white checkerboard.

 Triangle with all seeing eye plus ram, which represents Freemasonry.

 Freemasonry hand signs plus triangle with all-seeing eye.

All-seeing eye

Autoerotique - asphyxiation? Triangle

Read this article on Dim Mak's blatant Illuminati symbolism.








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  1. That last picture of Shay doing the Baphomet over the right eye, with a beaming smile over his face.... Do these people know that they will face judgement and be held to account one day? Do they even give a damn? These masons are beyond foolish...