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Pacha Ibiza 2014 Review IBIZA BLOG

Pacha Ibiza 2014 Review

This post will remain at the top of this blog for the time being to shame not only Pacha but also all of the press, media and official offices that have remained silent despite being contacted regarding the serious issues at Pacha. (Please see bottom of post for proof of overcrowding). If people do not act soon there will be hundreds of lives lost in Pacha or any of the other big clubs that clearly have zero capacity control. Please pass the link to the post on to help expose this massive decade-long corruption to prevent a major loss of life in Ibiza.

 Here is a Pacha Ibiza 2014 review, which will be added to as the season progresses. We have decided to do this review because of all the clubs in Ibiza that should be grassroots, honest, for the people, happy, creative, excellent, etc, it should be Pacha. A lot of people who live in Ibiza used to love Pacha but now very few would visit it in the summer as it becomes something we simply do not recognise, value or respect. Because of the way things have gone in Pacha, many residents now feel hatred towards it, which is a terrible shame. In fact, in the summer, it's unlikely you'd find a single Ibiza resident in Pacha. We believe Pacha, in the summer at least, has become a hotbed for Illuminati/elites/globalist brain washing and promotion and is no longer simply a party venue. Please go through this post to find out why.


DAVID GUETTA - F**k Me I'm Famous 

Pacha Ibiza 2014 Review

David Guetta - Pacha - 2014

The video above is representative of the utter contempt the big name djs have for the patrons of Pacha. It also demonstrates how stupid they believe the people have become. They can do absolutely no work, play awful carbon copy 'wracket' music, casually wander about making it very clear they can't even be bothered to pretend to be putting an effort in and still demand a crazy fee at the end.

David Guetta - Pacha - Ibiza - 2014

The video screengrab above is of this video of a night in June 2014 in Pacha Ibiza. David Guetta has a hand sign hanging from the ceiling next to him. The hand sign is from Freemasonry. 

You can find out more about Freemasonry here.

 David Guetta - Pacha - 2014

The photo above is from this video of David Guetta at Pacha asking the crowd to 'raise their hand in the air'. He only says 'hand' and not 'hands' and Chuckie next to him raises just his right hand also. This is of course the Nazi salute. The Nazis and the people who control the music industry have a lot in common. The video shows how crap the music is and how little the people dance to it. This is just an adoration session for fans of the man who sees himself as some kind of Fuhrer.

This video from 2011 shows the transhumanist agenda being pushed along with another Freemason hand sign.

This video of David Guetta's 'Diamond' party at Pacha in Ibiza demonstrates Pacha's low regard for women. But, more than that, it is an Illuminati social engineering exercise aimed at subverting young people and encouraging women to engage in lesbian sex. Not only do lesbianism and orgies fit with the Babylonian Illuminati mindset but it also helps reduce the population. Pacha is now the Benny Hill of EDM Benny Hills because of this smutty video which has nothing to do with clubbing and everything to do with conditioning.

In this video you will see David Guetta wearing what seems to be the Freemason and white checks. In addition you will see lots of stars and a top hat on the screens, both of which are Illuminati symbols. The stars are also in the F**k Me I'm Famous logo but the standard sign for a missing letter is an asterisk and not a star. The star represents Baphomet. The music is, of course, awful.

Below are photos of a David Guetta F**k Me I'm Famous night at Pacha in 2014.  You will see not only David Guetta with a light appearing to come from his head, indicating 'Illumination' from Freemasonry, but also a female dummy hanging from the ceiling. This dummy woman is tied bondage. This represents the sexually sadistic nature of the Illuminati...the global elites. It also represents the attitude the EDM community has towards women, which is extremely misogynistic.

The photo below shows another dummy woman hanging from the ceiling and in bondage. Pacha is so far removed from the original house music scene it is incredible. 

Pacha is so happy with being able to do this they included this dummy in this video made just now. She is included several times but most clearly at timeline 0.50 and 1.19. Please make this video go viral with the times and info because this mindset has got to be exposed.

Here is a list of the people or publications we have contacted regarding this issue. Let's see which, if any, speak out about this heinous act and which, predictably, put profit before integrity. We will write updates next to each one to let you know what, if anything, they do.

Diario de Ibiza (Tweeted three times. Emailed once. No response.)

White Ibiza (Tweeted once. Emailed once. No response.)

Ultima Hora (Tweeted once. Emailed once. No response.)

Ibiza Voice (Tweeted twice. Emailed once. No Response.)

Ibiza Times (Tweeted once.)

Ibiza Blog (Emailed once.)

Danny Kay
Ibiza has always been overtly sexual, hedonistic and flirting with debauchery. This image just reflects that.)

Ibiza Club News (Tweeted twice. No Response.)

Ibiza Inside (Tweeted twice. Emailed once. No Response.)

Essential Ibiza (Tweeted twice. Emailed once. No Response.)

Ibiza Spotlight (Tweeted three times. Emailed once. No Response.)

The Ibiza Sun (Twisted it around to attack us for our style.)

(The Ibiza Sun has recently been bought out and it no longer has a 'Letters to the Editor' section, which was a great way for ordinary people to speak their minds. This is inline with what is happening throughout the media. Newspapers, blogs and websites that offer a forum for ordinary people are bought out and comments sections are removed or severely restricted. Our window of opportunity is closing rapidly.)

All these publications will be contacted again to ask them to discuss the seriously dangerous overcrowding at Pacha (see below). Obviously none of them think hanging a (pretend) woman from her neck, arms and wrists is newsworthy so maybe they will decide risking hundreds of lives due to unchallenged greed is.

In addition, we have emailed the mayor of Ibiza Town to inform him of this post and we are emailing many feminist organisations, national newspapers, the Guardia Civil and international organisations fighting to prevent violence against women.

But we will not be holding our breath for the feminist organisations to do anything about the promotion of violence against women as probably all liberal movements are controlled by the Illuminati. They're only interested in exposing such things if they are done by religion not modern culture.

Freemason Femen


Not a single newspaper, blog, etc, thought Pacha having a woman hanging from ropes from their ceiling was worth mentioning. We have since found out that a woman tied up in this way represents mind controlled slaves. Please see the images in this article. This article also covers women in bird cages, as can be seen at Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza plus mirror mind control as observed in Guy Gerber of Wisdom of the Glove at Pacha.

Pacha has proven itself as sleazy Bangkok joint with this woman with a lazer butt plug. What a classy place? What next? Ping pong ball shooters? Live sex shows? How about a rape show? How about a snuff party? Anything goes at Pacha and you'd be a party pooper to complain.

In this video of FMIF at Pacha in June 2014 Mickey Mouse is mentioned in a song. This is, we believe, because of the 'Mickey Mouse Club' in which children suspected to have been subjected to trauma based mind control and sexual abuse plus it is a nod to Walt Disney the Freemason. This is the same for Steve Aoki's nod to one of The Firm's dons mentioned below.

This video includes lots of devil hands, which we assume were handed out free of charge. These devil hands are not a joke nor a twos up to religion but a way to get young people indoctrinated into Satanism and the occult....the dark.

The image above was taken from this video and proves Pacha in Ibiza is not at all ashamed of what we believe is evidence of mind control slaves.


STEVE AOKI- Pacha Ibiza 2014 Review

Click link to watch the next video....

This video shows just how far Pacha has gone from its early days of great music, creative dancing, exciting people, room to move about, happiness and excellence. What a pity Pacha has installed a projection screen? It is no longer an individual club but a part of the EDM movement and the screen is part of that. They are used to help put people into a trance-like state and feed subliminal messages from, although this video doesn't reveal anything untoward. The screen is one of the party killers as it draws so much attention when the people would have a much better time if they were mingling and looking at each other. If someone flashes a torch at you over and over you're going to stare at it but it doesn't mean you actually want to do so. You can see lots of people just standing about holding up a smartphone, hence the reason why this video exists. 

There are hardly any videos of Pacha nights in the 90s because the people were too busy having a good time. Now people film entire sets! It's complete madness! The video is for 54 minutes but there isn't a full minute in which the people are dancing. They stand or look awkward most of the time and even the male podium dancer looks uncomfortable trying to dance to such non-dance sound. It's certainly not music. It would probably be easier to dance to the sound of a combine harvester than this. The dancer even has his hand in his pocket for a while and when he does actually dance it just looks wrong because it doesn't match the music....sound. Good grief, the dancers were amazing in the 90s and they had the music to match!

Steve Aoki spends a huge amount of time standing on the edge of the dj box for a dj who is supposed to be djing. What a scruff bag he looks as well? This is not the creme de la creme of clubbing. This is scraping the barrel. Halfway through the video he shouts out over the mic, 'Shout shut the fuck up you fuckers' a few times, or similar. What the hell??? Did the people in VIP know this set was going to be so uncivilised? Did they know when they handed over lots of money they would be entertained by a racket created earlier by a long haired foul mouthed scruff bag hooligan? Pacha, what on earth have you done???

Did he play the music from the Lion King? Had to add a bit of Walt Disney to the set did he? A nod to one of the Freemason Dons? The Lion King....who would have thought you'd hear that at Pacha? It would be funny if it wasn't true. He spends a huge amount of time with his hands in the air as if breathing in lung fulls of crowd vibe to feed his ego. Lots of clapping and jumping too. Is he doing the djing work he gets paid a fortune to do with a foot peddle or by remote control?

From timeline 47.48 until 49.15 he does not touch the decks once but, instead, climbs on top of the dj box to attract even more attention. Aren't djs supposed to make music and not be scruffy rabble rousers? He makes so many double devil hand signs it's clear it's the way his hands naturally fall, suggesting he's been in this for a long time. At timeline 48, seconds after he leaves his decks, a helper covers with a white towel what could be a fixed camera that was aimed at the decks. He adjusts the towel to ensure it covers the thing sticking up, which we assume is a camera. Is this to ensure there was no evidence the set was pre-mixed? Steve Aoki makes Pacha look even less classy by covering the patrons with a bottle of champagne and then two bottles of another drink. He just pours it over people! He must think nothing of his fans to pour drinks over them. Then he does lots of yelling into the mic and, thankfully, the video ends.

In this video of a Steve Aoki night at Pacha you will see the dancer wearing an illuminated outfit making her appear more robotic, pushing the transhumanist agenda. The music is, of course. absolutely awful and resembles the all too common battle zone.

In this shocking video, Steve Aoki shows his utter contempt for his foolish fans by throwing cakes at them. How low are you going to go Pacha?

This video shows Steve Aoki throwing three cakes at his fans but it is clear he is enjoying their stupidity. He must have a good old laugh behind the decks and this is what we imagine he says...

'Bloody idiots. They'd buy anything with a brand name on it. Shit music, shit club and even getting cakes thrown at you goes down well with them. Suckers the lots of them.'

Wow! Would you believe Steve Aoki has admitted he is not a real DJ but a pretend one who is being as vulgar as possible to see just how much the stupid sheeple will accept! Read the article for yourself here. That confirms our suspicions...that the DJs are intentionally putting out utter rubbish and offering a terrible product because they are having a laugh at their fans' expense. As the Illuminati/elites know how the mind works they know how unlikely it is that hundreds of thousands of fans would realise when they are being taken advantage of and they know that the odd few who do wake up to reality will be ignored. He's become successful because the Illuminati owns all the media and it's the media and fake awards like the Grammys that determine success...not talent. He thinks he's pretty damn clever being able to throw cakes at people and still be adored by them but he is in fact just a nasty human being who gets pleasure for abusing people's naivety and human vulnerabilities. We look forward to when he is exposed and his fans learn of his deception. He will then get what he deserves. Pacha.....what a let down you are for accommodating this low-life? Because of this revelation, we will be leaving this post at the top of the blog for the entire 2014 season so as many people as possible see what you are doing.

This video of a Steve Aoki night shows Pacha is well and truly pushing the transhumanist agenda. This video is extremely sinister to the trained eye as it shows robots shooting at and gassing the crowd. This is what the uninitiated human population is facing and Steve Aoki knows that and so too it seems does Pacha. He shows his fans the double devil hand sign many times and the crowd resembles a cross between football hooligans and born again Christians at an evangelical singing session all to seriously inane music. What a weird party?

Pacha Ibiza

This photo of Steve Aoki shows him doing the doubl Illuminati devil hand sign. You can see more Illuminati puppets doing the same here so you know what ilk he comes from. In this photo you will also see he has a key tattoo in his inner right arm. This represents the keys to Freemasonry....occult knowledge. Most DJs are Freemasons working to brain wash you into accepting the New World Order and to subvert you into the occult.

Pacha Ibiza

Tattoo - We will have a New World Order 'By any means necessary'. 

In this video of Nervo you will see at timeline 43.20 onwards UFOs flying across the ceiling, which is pushing the alien agenda. This is to acclimatise us to the idea of an alien invasion for the sole purpose of making us unite in fear and desire for a global government.
"Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order [referring to the 1991 LA Riot]. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond [i.e., an "extraterrestrial" invasion], whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government." Dr. Henry Kissinger, Bilderberger Conference, Evians, France, 1991

Oh Pacha, you are hitting us with it from all sides aren't you? The forerunner in Ibiza of the Illuminati manipulation. Or maybe that would be Ushuaia considering there you get to wear RFID bands. But, for sure, Pacha is no longer just putting on parties but working with the globalist elites to push their agendas and manipulate their patrons.

This video is evidence of how packed the dance floor gets and how horrible the music is. Does that look like the creme de la creme of clubbing to you?

This video is very good evidence of the extreme overcrowding at Pacha in the summer. You will also see the dirty scumbag Aoki SPITTING on his fans!!! Spitting at people is good now is it? Crème de la crème of clubbing in Ibiza involves having some yobbo fake DJ spit drink all over you, throw a cake in your face and tell you to shout 'mother fuckers!'?

Steve Aoki's record label Dim Mak is riddled with the cult of Freemasonry and Illuminati. Signed up to the label is Shaygray & Borgore. Find out about their latest track and how it proves beyond all reasonable doubt they and therefore Steve Aoki and Illuminati



Pacha Ibiza 2014 Review

In this video of Martin Garrix at Pacha you will hear the usual battle zone/emergency sound plus see the transhumanist dancer.



Pacha Ibiza 2014 Review

In this video you see the down pointed triangle, which is an occult symbol. This is for 'Lovin Festival' but the occult symbolism and the music suggests it is anything but 'lovin'. This reminds us of the Ministry of Love in George Orwell's 1984. It was loving in name only. In 1984 there was also a Ministry of Peace and the word peace is bandied about profusely by people who wish to wipe out 95% of the world's population. Beware of the wolves in sheep's clothing.


Sadly there is already more to come for this review on Pacha 2014 and the season has only just started. We will keep adding videos here as we analyse them. This post will remain at the top of the blog for a while to ensure maximum exposure. Pacha has let Ibiza down terribly and is bringing the island into disrepute.


Pacha showing blatant Illuminati affiliation

Pacha hosting a self-confessed occultist

Check the links to the right for Illuminati/Freemasom DJs 

The owner of Pacha has been quoted saying he misses the good old days when the people were interesting, of all nationalities and of different backgrounds and social statuses. But the big corporate EDM machine is doing a very good job of homogenising and degrading the people. There is no room for individual creativity and expression, the very things needed to make a 'great Pacha party', at events like the one above. The focus is entirely on the dj and screen and the music is monotonous and angry. If the owner of Pacha wants to return the club to its heyday, which is entirely possible, he needs to shift the focus back onto the dance floor....the people.

Quit the show....hide the dj.....put on some music.



 Here we will post some reviews of Pacha from previous years.

The review below is from Ibiza Voice back in 2011. It highlights the terrifying over-crowding at Pacha. This over-crowding situation often gets so bad it is impossible to get from A to B without feeling squashed from all sides, moved about by the crowd, struggling to keep a hold of your drink, stumbling, worrying you're either going to be suffocated or crushed to death, and realising you are stuck in the middle of an extremely dangerous situation. This is not what Pacha used to be like, it is not what Ibiza should be offering and it has got to stop. The safety inspector and fire officer must surely have been corrupted for this situation to have been able to start and certainly for it to have continued. Tripadvisor has many frightening accounts of over-crowding so surely the people paid to ensure the public's safety must have seen them. Have they been entrapped? Have they been threatened? Have they been bribed?

Here is an exert of the Ibiza Voice review from 2011...

As the night continues the general rough pushing, shoving and scuffling in the crowd got worse. No disrespect to Pacha but overcrowding to the point where 3 security guards are grappling with clubbers and scuffles break out on the steps of the dance floor between people and clubbers are crushed in the sweltering heat to the point where they begin to hyperventilate and panic for breath is too far. Were 20 people dying in an over-heated tunnel last year at Love Parade not enough? What next? Are ambulances going to arrive at FMIF Pacha all for the sake of dinero? Where is the ethic of this night? Where is David Guetta to stand up and say enough people in the club? Where is his wife to go through the crowd and select which punters are suitable to come in like they did in the good clubs in the last decade. Pure money grabbing at the risk of people's safety and some clamour towards the venue having enough such as the young Asian girl who had been talking to me earlier who gives up and says 'Ah man, this is a terrible crowd and way too full, I'm off to Kehakuma' and a young couple outside who tell me 'It's too packed, it's horrible, not what we expected at all.' Pacha's music policy used to be a lot more about the coolest sound and attracting the best crowd due to this. Tonight just seemed naff, commercial mainstream to bring in the money rather than the 'sound' and with its over-heating and illegal over-crowding is at a serious risk of causing an accident on the scale of the Love Parade tragedy in Germany last year.
Exert END

Read these Tripadvisor reviews.

We saved the most suitable review from Tripadvisor for last....


REVIEW: My impressions ranged from thinking this is an amazing sensual experience, to this is a fire trap waiting to happen, with crowd handling totally impersonal and bordering on unduly aggressive. As the effect of mojitos began to wear off a trip to the bar was voted in so we went upstairs to an unimpressive bar that sold water for 10 Euros a bottle (we didn’t ask about mojitos), and had stair access which would be frightening in a panic situation. Maybe the forceful crowd control was in order. Back to the dancefloor, no possible room for movement, go with the flow, crushed glass underfoot... Read more at

REVIEW: As three girls we got totally crushed and annoyed on the too crowded dance floor...


(Proving it's not an Ibiza issue but an issue with Brand Pacha and the weight it must throw about.

Photo above is not of Pacha but does resemble the situation you WILL find yourself in if you go to Pacha Ibiza on one of the big name nights in the summer.


Google review of Pacha Ibiza - Left in June 2014

 Tripadviser review

 Tripadviser review

 Tripadviser review

 Tripadviser review

 Twitter review


Please watch this video and then see this article, an exert of which is below...

Overcrowding: nightclubs (and similar establishments) are given a specific occupant load by the local fire authority (typically 7 square feet per person), this occupant load numberis to be posted in a conspicuous location.  Does the club feel too crowded? Is it problematic to just stand without getting knocked over? Can you get from where you are to where you want to be with reasonable ease? An overcrowded club can presents multiple dangers to yourself.

In Pacha in the summer you might get one square foot of space if you are on the dancefloor or anywhere near it or on the stairs leading away from it.

The overcrowding at Pacha is so bad that some independent artists on the island have made a song about it. But does the fire inspector do anything about it? No. He's spending time in his very well feathered nest.

The problem is that an Illuminati establishment is not going to treat you well and is not going to be concerned about giving you value for money or the time of your life. The Illuminati elites hate you and can't wait until you're dead and they don't have to put up with you any longer. Putting nights on at Pacha serves a few purposes but none involve offering a quality product, spreading the love or being creative. It's all about making big bucks, social engineering, pushing the occult and getting pleasure from milking suckers.

If you are going to Pacha please video and post to Youtube any overcrowding and let us know about it via an anonymous comment here.

 We shall post more reviews on Pacha for 2014 as we find them if they prove the DJs have not been doing what they are paid to do or if the club is still over-crowded. It sickens the people of Ibiza that hundreds if not thousands of lives are being put at risk on many nights in the summer at Pacha. It is a miracle there has not yet been a major loss of life. It is a terrible indictment on this island that more people have not spoken out about it considering it is hardly a secret. This lack of disclosure is due to fear of reprisals, which is yet another terrible indictment of Ibiza. Ibiza is supposed to be an island of love, peace, happiness and openness but quite clearly it is not as good as it claims to be anymore. Too many people chasing the buck and only the buck and too many people remaining silent.




This post and all the others in this blog are reflections of the personal opinions of the blog authors who are just individuals and who have the legal right to speak their minds. Please do not take what we say as fact but as opinion.


  1. Pacha it´s a Club, the dummie hanging it´s a reference to monarch programming, they´re twisting people´s minds there. David Ghetta also looks dumb on his videos and many pictures, he may be a victim himself of mk ultra, I´m just amazed that nobody reacts to this, and it´s only the tip`of the iceberg

    1. Yes, we had thought it was very similar in nature to the celebrities in cages at Hard Rock Hotel. They certainly are twisting people's minds. Men who see that will be more likely to be violent to women and that gives the Illuminati pleasure. We had also noticed that David Guetta seems almost plastic. He seems to be in a haze...not altogether there. His wife always being there is also very odd. Maybe she is his handler!

      Yes, why are the big blogs, newspapers and TV stations not talking about this? Either because they are afraid, because they put business before integrity, because they have been black mailed or because they are one of them. It is absolutely heart breaking that Ibiza is being so twisted. This should be a straight forward thing that makes all good people speak out. There should be no two ways about it. Unfortunately we feel Pacha will eventually be performing rape scenes and the press will turn a blind eye.

    2. you can check Guetta´s bio..

      If it happens he´s a mk ultra victim I don´t think she´ll be the handler, but I´m only speculating.
      There is a huge cover up about all this

    3. Yes, huge cover-up. The press's response to our requests to cover these issues is to make thinly veiled threats of litigation against us and to suggest it's US who are being un-Ibiza! Yes, we bloody well are being un-Ibiza but we wouldn't have to be if the press was doing its job impartially and not acting like little ninnies crying in the corner! Yes, we are angry but maybe part of the Ibiza spirit is to stand up to irregularities, unfairness and potentially lethal situations. Surely the true Ibiza spirit is not one that says nothing.

      This cult is sucking in so many people but the majority of people who have been stupefied are just stupefied because of fear.

  2. I am never going to Pacha again because of what they are doing. Thanks for the info.

    1. We might go to film the overcrowding and use it to make a police report. There should be a policeman on the door every night counting the number that enters because it's that dangerous. They have police stopping cars for nothing all over the island yet they allow this potentially major catastrophe to be risked every night of the summer. And in the news this week the police have raided a load of small bars in San An for being too crowded and having too many speakers yet where the hell are they in Pacha...the worst offender by far??? Just insane, It makes us think the police are puppets of Pacha.

    2. The PTB we´re talking about here socially engineering the masses run the money making industries in Ibiza including the clubs, and so are the "authorities" working for them, who says authorities, money money money, PTB have pretty much everything under control in Ibiza. The references to the mk ultra are worrying, if they only knew

  3. We went to see Guetta on Thursday and it was extremely crowded. There is nowhere to go to put your drink down and dance in a little bit of space so you keep on walking to try to find somewhere more relaxing and everyone else is doing the same thing and getting more and more flustered. We spent all night trying to find somewhere worth staying in and found the exit was the best bet. Never again. The owners must be the greediest people in Ibiza.

  4. Guys, how can I email you. You'r email is invaid


      It should be fine. Let us know here if you have more problems.