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Tagomago - Bird Sanctuary or Elite Sanctuary? IBIZA BLOG

Is Tagomago a bird sanctuary or an elite sanctuary?

If you've been following this blog for a while you've probably grown tired of the doom and gloom and the huge claims of Big Brother, a New World Order and criminal overlords controlling us in various ways. Maybe you're finding it all too big to comprehend. Well, nothing cystalises a person's thoughts better than home truths and doorstep drama. If you consider Ibiza to be your home or home from home then this story of mystery and intrigue will maybe make you start to see things
in a clearer and more tangible way.

Tagomago Island is an almost 1km private island just off the coast of Ibiza costing around 120k euros a week to rent. It is owned by the Spanish entertainer Mariano Montero and has, according to Wikipedia, 'a small tourist facility within
which politicians and celebrities frequently visit.'
Tagomago island is a protected nature reserve and bird sanctuary and is part of the Natura 2000 network. Unfortunately it is impossible to find out more about the natural environment on Tagomago other than that it is home to 'unique flora' and a wide variety of bird species because pages upon pages of VIP/Private/Luxury rental websites dominate the information available on this island. Obviously the natural environment of Tagomago takes second fiddle to
its exclusive human environment. 

The large villa and pool, which are not in keeping with naturalism, are positioned in the middle of Tagomago with the beach bar nearby and boats moored in the sea. It strikes us as odd there should be any construction at all other than a lighthouse on an island said to be a nature reserve and bird sanctuary. Surely migrating birds will be put off by the noise, movements and lights at night, meaning it is not really a bird sanctuary at all. And if the birds are less likely to nest there then the flora and fauna will be affected too given the mutual dependency.

The island has been in the news recently because the owner of the ten bed villa on the island, Matthias Kuhn, wishes to do various things to enhance the beach bar and moorings. He wishes to extend the beach bar to cater for 78 diners (effectively turning it into a beach club), to have more toilets installed and to have a floating platform permit. It would be foolish to think these things are to enhance the nature reserve and not the party potential, although he is claiming this is so. He is claiming these upgrades are for the purpose of 'bird watching'. Do you believe him?

It seems the local Santa Eulalia government and the Ibiza government, along with the local environment group GEN, opposed the expansion proposals but the bigger Balearic government voted for it to go ahead. There is now an outcry over this as clearly the views and wishes of the people closest to the island and therefore most affected have proven unimportant compared
to those of the Balearic government. 

According to some news articles, the works have mostly already been carried out although this has not been confirmed. Who can say for sure in this world of deceit? This article states it has just come to light that the villa isn't even registered as a holiday home and this report claims a helipad has been constructed without permission, which makes a mockery of the claim the beach bar extensions will be for bird watching. How many birds enjoy the disturbance of helicopters? Are there any birds left? Another article claims a wooden jetty has already been constructed.

According to news reports, Matthias Kuhn, who also owns Kuhn & Partners the estate agent in the Balearic Islands, screams at officials and acts overly excitable when things threaten to not go his way. His celebrity partner, Miss Ducal, has been accused of tagging along to official meetings, despite having no jurisdiction to do so, in order to use her status as coercion in the decision making. It appears the police have even been reported for the level of undue pressure put on the planning decision makers. Of course, we don't know what occurred because we were not there.

A few things came to light from the news articles covering the planning meetings. One rather eco-unfriendly thing suggested, although not confirmed, is that raw sewerage from the toilet cabin at the beach bar now leaks directly into the sea. But that is not the dirtiest thing dug up. No, the big stinker involves not the toilet but the camera positioned so that it captures the public, which is illegal
in Spain unless authorised to do so. 

But what 'public' could this camera have been capturing? Of course, we have not inspected this camera and its viewpoint but the only 'public' at this island beach bar are the patrons of the bar....the rich, famous and powerful clientele of Tagomago beach bar. Now this is where the plot thickens. Did Kuhn install this camera to protect his patrons from muggings, kidnappings, violent attacks and drug dealing? Are any of those things likely at a beach bar on a private island that can only be reached by private boat? Is it so likely that a kidnapper should moor at Tagomago as the elites settle into a night of raucous guffawing, leap out like Captain Jack Sparrow and chuck a wealthy maiden
over his shoulder, never to be seen again? 

For what other reasons could that camera have been installed? Is Matthias Kuhn a big proponent of a surveillance society? There is the possibility it was installed to video the illegal or embarassing things the patrons get up to at the bar to be used at a later date for coercion, should ever it be needed. This is of course 'entrapment' and apparently a much used tactic of the global elites in getting what the hell they want. If asking nicely doesn't work then video the stubborn bugger snorting a line of coke, groping a guapa or flashing a bare bottom and, hey presto, deal sealed. Now we're not saying that is why the camera was installed. But it is a possibility. Something to ponder on.

We can completely understand the desire for the rich, famous and powerful to feel they can party like no-one's watching and therefore the appeal of this island and a bigger beach bar must be great amongst the local elites. Sadly, these people are segregating themselves more and more from ordinary people having exploited their celebrity status to make money. The more they profited from their status the more they probably need to distance themselves from the masses, which is a pity. And as the divide between the rich and poor grows every wider, the desire to segregate will grow too. But, if our suspicions ring true, the elites need to realise that their enemy is not the ordinary people and what they believe are safe havens might not necessarily be so trustworthy. What the 'good' elites need to realise is that some people get to the top because they have no qualms about using underhand tactics to get where they want to be. The elite club is therefore not as cosy
as it might be assumed to be.

So why is it that so many people in positions of power gave the green light for a project that seems totally at odds with a nature reserve and bird sanctuary? Have they all been reminded of nights
they'd rather no-one knew about?
New World Order: Facts and Fiction by Mark Dice
High Level Officials and Institutions within the NWO are Above the Law.
As many people are aware, certain politicians and businessmen seem to be untouchable regarding the corruption and criminal activities they are involved in. This occurs because of the power of the invisible empire and their use of coercion, threats and blackmail. The Illuminati keep files on practically every congressman and woman, as well as media figures, business leaders, judges, military officials, and anyone of influence in the public sphere. If a politician cheats on his wife, the invisible empire most likely know about it and have documentation proving it. If a person cheats on his taxes, uses cocaine, has any bizarre hobbies or interests, they know. Frequently they will entrap people simple to gather such evidence.
Read more here.

As a picture paints a thousand words, we wanted to share with you the logo of Kuhn & Partners, the estate agency owned by Matthias Kuhn.......scroll down....

Could it be that Matthias Kuhn is a Freemason Illuminist using his brotherly connections and manipulation skills to get what he wants, storing up incriminating video evidence to help lubricate his projects? Is this a possibility? Should we, the ordinary people of the world, be taking a closer look at people who use Freemason symbols? Should we be asking more questions
about the nature of Freemasonry?

And what is Tagomago in reality? A bird sanctuary or a sanctuary for the elites? Is it a bird island or an exclusive party island? Choose because such a little island cannot, in all honesty, be both. How could a tiny island, supposed to be for birds and flowers, have been turned into a private drop-in destination for the rich and famous?

How could something so blatantly wrong have happened???


This post will be filed under the new heading 'Deterioration' but will hopefully soon be refiled under the heading 'Progress'.

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