Wednesday, 11 June 2014

PROGRESS!!!! We Love Stripped at Space Ibiza IBIZA BLOG


Relive the essence of Ibiza at We love… STRIPPED

For many years the heart of Sundays in Ibiza was daytime clubbing on the Space Terrace. For one reason or another, political restrictions from the island government and a gradual shift in habits, Space evolved from a daytime venue to the nightclub it is today. This summer we present Stripped on the Sunset Terrace as a nod to the past and a celebration of what we believe is still one of the best rooms in the world for an outdoor, daytime party.

The party will start as early as we can possibly open at 16:30 and run through until midnight when Mr Doris and his After Dark crew will take control of the room. As the trend for higher and higher levels of production and flamboyant light shows sweeps Ibiza, this daytime concept aims to ‘strip’ clubbing back to its essential elements. The music and the crowd will be paramount and the focus will be on celebrating the spirit and ethos that made the Space Terrace famous in the first place. 

The soundsystem has been upgraded to Function One and the lineups have been carefully programmed bringing in a mix of the finest island residents and international guests each week but will remain completely unannounced all season. An anonymous lineup brings the right people together for the right reasons: great music, in a great venue with a great crowd. Stripped will be a party for everyone to enjoy in the same way, it will be our antidote to VIP culture and musical snobbery, it will be for everyone who shares our ideals and not for those who prefer to sit behind a velvet rope and will be the cheapest ticket available for We Love Sundays At Space.

We Love… outdoor daytime clubbing! We Love… the Space Terrace!

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YES!!!!!!!! The human touch is valued once again!!!!

A message to the organisers...

One step in the right direction....let's keep them coming!

How about not only keeping the line-up anonymous before the party but during it too and only announcing who they were when they've finished and have the DJ box hidden from view? How cool would that be? Imagine the excitement of not knowing if you're dancing to someone famous or a complete newcomer? And what better way to stop people staring at the DJ all the time than to remove him from sight? If you did that your party would be amazing! Unforgetable! This would be the perfect solution to crazy DJ fees, DJs acting like demi-gods and the 'right arm smartphone pointing' dance. And, best of all, the only thing DJs would be judged on would be their ability to get the party going. What better or fairer way could their be to bring out the very best of DJs? Gosh, maybe you would put the 'dance' back into EDM if you did this!

Please tell us you're not using strip-club podium dancers either. Do something different. 

We'll start a new section of the blog entitled 'Progress' where we will add all the things we spot that demonstrate positive action being taken in Ibiza. 

Thank you for doing this to help bring back the real Ibiza.

Happy days!!!!!


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