Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Hard Rock Hotel - Isaac Tigrett - IBIZA BLOG

Please see the updates at the bottom of this post as we feel we have found some things you should be aware of.


  1. http://robertpriddy.wordpress.com/tag/isaac-tigrett/

    creepy character, unfortunately there are many more like him , this is the kind of people that are deciding many people´s fates, working in government agencies, politics, and many of the different industries that run society as a whole

  2. Charismatic psychopaths with deviant tastes. Our future is bleak if we don't stand up to them.

    Robert Priddy.....what a great man to wake up to his own mistakes and put the effort in to correct them? Some funny posts about Isaac the loon.

    The other link is distressing. There is no doubt an enormous amount of pedophilia carried out by our criminal overlords.