Tuesday, 10 June 2014

How can I be a DJ? IBIZA BLOG

How can I be a DJ???

'amongst the dance music ILLUMINATI'

The way to be a successful DJ is to become a Freemason and become a puppet for the Illuminati. It is that simple. Just put yourself out as an aspiring DJ for a while and soon enough another DJ will proselytise for Freemasonry and suck you into the cult so you can be a sorry lying toe-rag like he. That's the thing about people who have made the wrong decision and fallen into a dirt pit. They want others to make the same mistake and fall down with them.

So if you want the instant success, the fame, the money, the women, the prestige and the free holidays then you know what to do.

But everything comes at a price and the price you will pay for the things you believe you want more than anything is your freedom, your mind, your creative destiny......YOU.

Do you think Alvin Risk above chose to wear that black and white jumper?

Alvin Risk

Why do you think Alvin Risk is pointing to the floor?
He's doing that because he is showing his allegiance to Freemasonry...to the occult religion of Freemasonry, which is Satanism.

Alvin Risk

Why do you think Alvin Risk has his A turned into an upside down V? Because it makes it look more like a pyramid and pyramids are very important to Freemasons as they believe they were the landing sites of aliens, plus they love hierarchical power structures. They are looking forward to turning this world into the ultimate power structure by encasing all the power into the summit of the pyramid of life and leaving the rest of the slopes to ignorant misery. Actually, we're not far off that already.

Alvin Risk

Do you think teaming up with the Freemasons has done this lad any real good?

Does the track above sound normal to you or does it sound sinister?

We found the ending to be very odd....like some sort of gun shooting....but that's another topic. 
Alvin Risk

Do you think he would have chosen to make a pyramid sign with his hands prior to joining up with blood sucking Freemasons?

Alvin Risk - Messiah

Who do you think is Alvin Risk's 'Messiah'? With one eye bigger than the other (Illuminati single eye) and with devil horns it's not hard to work it out.
Alvin Risk logo

Alvin Risk's logo looks suspiciously like a pyramid.

Of course, the crowd will be encouraged to make the triangle hand sign but the reason, should any little pest ask, would be 'The DJ's name is Alvin'. Yes, just like the crowd that made the triangle sign did it because of the Swedish House Mafia track 'Antidote'.

Alvin is an odd name. We think he was probably born something else.

Ah, low and behold....his birthname was Marcio Alvarado.

Alvin Risk....A.Risk.

They must think we're stupid.

Alvin Risk's record label is Dim Mak....more on them within this post.

Let's not forget mind control tactics used on Illuminati puppets in the entertainment industry, some of which are trauma based. Want to be a DJ so badly you're prepared to suffer electric shock treatment to fracture your personality into many parts, each having a role to play...one of which could be sexual?

So, you want to be a DJ. How much do you want to be a DJ? So much you'll give up you? Forever? Because once you're in there's no getting out.


Are the DJs below Freemason Illuminati puppets?

Armin Van Buuren


Knife Party

Nicky Romero

 Pete Tong

Sven Vath

Swedish House Mafia






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  1. Bassnectar makes some awesome beats but sadly he's a puppet too. He talks openly about the symbolism and I have to wonder if he's really clueless or what.

    1. What you have to ask yourself is what is the result of their behaviour. The answer for you is 'confused'. You are confused because the signs are there but he talks openly and that doesn't make sense. They are masters of trickery. They know exactly how the mind works. Bassnectar knows that if he jokes about the Illuminati or even says he IS Illuminati that is going to cause confusion and deflect attention. If he denied it that would make people more suspicious. Once people know their tricks their power will dissolve. That is what terrifies them more than anything. If their behaviour becomes transparent to the masses their lives become impossible. How many people would want to rip Bassnectar to shreds if it got out he had tricked his millions of fans? Been a total and utter liar.