Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Knife Party - Satanic Illuminati IBIZA BLOG

 We believe Knife Party is Satanic Illuminati and the video above is not the only proof. In fact, they tell us themselves in their symbols, which are their way of communicating. But before you see the Satanic pentagram, watch the video above and ask yourself if that is the way you want to see the world go....because that IS the way it is going. Very dark and sinister. The Illuminati wants this world to be like a horror film and it's aiming its weapons of mind control at the young. Getting them while they're young, just as did the Nazis. They're raising a Hitler Youth. Parents no longer raise their kids....the TV, video games, music videos, films, texting and sexting does that. Then, fresh from in-house indoctrination, their first taste of adulthood is more slash movie than action adventure, and we have the likes of Knife Party to thank for that. 

Watch this video to see the proof that Knife Party is a Satanic indoctrination event and as such is an illegal event. The reason it is illegal is because most countries have laws that state no person should be coerced into a religion or out of a religion. Using subliminal messages is coercion. Spain certainly has this law so any tips about future subliminal Satanism will be reported.

Skip through the tracks and ask yourself if that music is fitting for Ibiza. Why the hell did both Space and Amnesia host such twisted bastards? Sorry for the language but we feel it would cause more offence if we called them artists.

It is quite clear there is an agenda at play and that agenda is to produce a generation of very dark adults who are more likely to kill people or not be concerned about the killing of people. In other words, the new generation coming through is being programmed to be psychopathic. 

Why the hell has that go no warning and no age restriction?

Yet another violent mash-up they call a music video. Please note the all-seeing eye inside the down pointed triangle at timeline 1.49. The down pointed triangle demonstrates allegiance to Satanism. 

As you can see from these Knife Party does a lot of work with Swedish House Mafia. 


Click here to find out about it.  

Many reports and videos of this incident have strangely been removed from the internet but you will find one joke report by Knife Party here. Not only do they obviously find people getting stabbed so funny they want to make a parody about it but also they know that doing so will fill Google search results with the joke and not the real story and therefore make people assume it had all been a bad joke. If you can control the news you can control the people. You didn't think the media was unbiased and not the 'in-crowd' did you?

Infrasound, which is inaudible sound that affects you physically and mentally, is being used in electronic music and in films. We suspect it is also being pumped out at festivals. This can cause people to feel euphoric (sounds good but this is addictive), ill or violent....and it can kill. Please read this to find out more. Is it unreasonable to assume infrasound was pumped out to the crowd at the festival in which people were stabbed? Or is it in the Knife Music tracks?

Knife Party's record label is Big Beat Records, an American label owned by Warner Music Group. 

Knife Party live stream
Rob Swire wearing a triangle t-shirt.

Rob Swire giving the devil hand sign.


Rob Swire wearing a triangle t-shirt and Gareth McGrillen giving the devil hand sign.

Rob Swire doing the top half of the Baphomet pose.


A bit of transhumanisn for you.


Knife Party remix complete with an alien abduction. 

This post would not be complete without one.


The skull represents death....our death....the down pointed triangle represents Satanism/occultism and the helmet represents the military. 
 Two single eye looks.


Another EDM reference to longed for obliteration.


Another Illuminati triangle.


Another Illuminati triangle.

And just for the 'in-crowd' to amuse themselves....

Yes, you really ARE living in a matrix.

And the in-crowd thinks nothing of you.


Don't bloody well come back to Ibiza!!!!







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  1. People doesn´t seem to realize how damaging this all is at a later stage of life , this is not good at all

    1. It makes our blood boil....not just because of the content but also because of their delight at their own deception. The tables will turn and they will one day soon find there is nowhere to run. They and their ilk have deceived so many people for so long and their crimes against humanity will not go unpunished. Hundreds of millions of people will soon have a painful wake-up call and their rage will be uncontrollable. The DJs who speak out to admit the truth now will be the only ones people will forgive.

  2. That's crazy and. I like knife party but I can't anymore😭

    1. Good. That's one more saved from this death cult. Please pass on this new found wisdom as knowledge is power. The more people who know the greater our chance of beating these bastards.

  3. I'm trying to decide if I believe this or not....omg....does this mean I oughata stop listening to knife party?
    I mean I'm Christian....I knew they were Satanists but wow....

  4. This is before I read this blog: I go out of my way to research new artists when I download their music. If they have ties to labels like Mad Decent (Diplo), OWSLA (Skrillex), BUYGORE (Boregore), and anything connected to those labels through sub labels, I don't use their music at all in any of my mixes. I go as so far as to edit and delete any music from an already released mix if I find out the artist I used in that mix is connected to those types of labels or groups, or even supports them. Researching SVEN VATH brought me here. I found out the artist I:Cube released an EP titled "Lucifer En Discothèque EP" and this is the type of research I do when I am about to buy or download a song from a new artist. I was going to buy a song from I:Cube but when I found out the title of the EP I didn't. Now I am wondering if SVEN VATH is Satanic because of him playing I:Cube's music, and then having fans that name themselves "Under Taker In The Dark." I have bought music without researching the artists before and had to delete music I bought because I did research afterwards when I saw those artists supporting Skrillex or other blatantly obvious satanic artists. I had to delete all music from my previous favorite DJ Astronomar when I found out the label he was in supported/joined up with OWSLA, a clearly Satanic label founded by Skrillex that has artists on that label who are in support of dark energy. It was hard at first but I knew sacrificing that music would help get rid of that type of dark energy, and would be a clear indication to God, the universe, light energy, whose side I am on. It is extra work and extra effort to do what I do instead of just blindly listening and promoting any music, but I feel in the bottom of my soul and gut that this extra effort allows God to put the extra effort of protection in me. I do not wish harm on them, I simply just do not support what they support, and I will let God and them decide their journey, as I follow my own. Keep up the amazing positive alignment of consciousness. soundcloud.com/zzyzj is where I reside in the positive light energy. God bless and God speed.