Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Dental Implants in Ibiza IBIZA BLOG

Are RFID chips being put inside dental implants in Ibiza?

Below is part of an email sent in by a contributor. We have posted it before but we want to post it again because we believe there is a very real possibility RFID chips are being implanted into people in Ibiza (and elsewhere) without their knowledge via dental implants.The first post on this subject includes an interesting video and can be found here.

If you or anyone you know has had dental implants and are having strange sensations, voices in your head, channelled messages from 'ascended masters', etc., or are in any way worried then please get things checked out. Firstly, research the dental clinic you attended. Things to look for are pyramidal triangles maybe with the 'ben ben' stone missing...the top part removed. Or look for pentagrams (stars), all-seeing eyes, etc. Look at the printed promotional material, the website, the exterior of the dental clinic, etc. This is not a fool proof way of knowing but these symbols are used by the cult of Freemasonry and the Illuminati. If you feel worried enough then you can be checked for RFID chips in Belgium by EUCACH. Also, if you are approached by someone claiming they have received divine wisdom from ascended masters and are on a mission to spread the word then ask them if they have had dental implants. 


Much of the social engineering about Ufo´s it´s about steering next generations into the New Age movement,  most books published are from the Lucia Trust, founded by Alice Bailey - Lucis Trust
Maitreya´s stuff´s hillarious, but I remember when I was in Ibiza I got to meet somebody who claimed to be an MK Ultra, she was diagnosed with paranoid schizofrenia and she was hearing some "voices", she was "in the now" about a lot going on, but for some reason she was all with the new age stuff and that was coming from her "voices" from Orion , Shambala or whatever, she said she had a microchip implanted in her body by some boyfriend´s US military family in Germany, she was from Germany, she was definetly hearing voices, but not from any good "alien" or shambala, now I don´t know, she was kind of being an "agent" preaching about it all and wanting to tell everyone about it to "save the world", wether she had something implanted in her body is hard to tell.
new age stuff´s very dodgy after you read Cisco Wheeler about demonology and dark arts being used to control the mind of a person.

I´m still finding it hard to believe about microchips being used, but according to witnesses of supposedly "ufo-alien" abductions, microchips have been found in their bodies there is another mk ultra in Ibiza but a whole different story, she was married, running a business, money and so on, then she once went to the dentist and got some implants, since then she started hearing voices, divorced because her husband thought she was crazy, went to a psychiatric ´don´t know for how long, nobody believed her when she said she started hearing voices after getting dental implants, her story´s long, but eventually she arrived in Ibiza and took her dental implants by herself and the voices went, she lives in PRIVATE.
Apparently movil phone antennas are used by the NWO´s not only for phone calls, or give you cancer, but to pick on someone and make him/her crazy, dental implants seem to be receivers if somebody wants to pick on you. We spoke a lot about this things and spent hours on the internet digging about this whole story.

Listen to this video on hearing voices after having dental implants fitted.

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