Monday, 16 June 2014

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Illuminati and Occult Symbolism

This video was made by a Christian but please do not let that put you off if you are an atheist as it is excellent. You can find out a lot about a group of people by listening to its opposing group. Besides, you do not need to be a Christian to know that our world is becoming darker and to realise that we are living in a battle between good and evil. Unfortunately, people who just wish to get on with their lives without superstition are trapped in the middle of this battle.

Why do you think Islamic terrorism is exploding in ferocity? 

At least in part because the music industry, the entertainment industry, the fashion industry, the film industry and the media at large are 'externalising' their faith in occultism and Satanism. Coupled with opportunity, these industries are the cause of the rabid determination of Islamic extremism. You have your mainstream musicians, your big name DJs, your favourite fashion designers and your chosen magazines to thank for the rise of Islamic militancy.

You won't hear these Muslim extremists going on about the Illuminati because they do it all in Arabic and a long way away but bloody hell they most certainly are boiling in rage at the West's embracement of Satanism. Muslims of birth but not faith living Americanised lives in Muslim countries will be first to suffer the sudden wrath but women's lives have been sliding for decades . They hate America because America is becoming more and more Satanic and not because it is Christian or atheist. In the 50s and 60s, when most people lived nice, ordinary Christian or quietly atheist lives what were Muslims in Afghanistan doing? Blowing people up? Decapitating people? Promising 'death to America'? No! They were living in a very similar way to Americans!

The reason why Islamic extremism has destroyed the lives of so many Muslims throughout the Muslim and non-Muslim world and turned them to the dark ages is because of the rise of the cult of Freemasonry. Freemasonry's blatant and incendiary use of occult, Kabbalistic and Satanic messages in all possible forms has ignited the religious fervour of Muslims all over the world because it panics them and makes them hate us. When once they umulated the West having seen us living well, being happy and seeming civilised suddenly they shunned our influence having realised its Satanic undertones.

The world had it so good in the 50s but we've been intentionally destroyed and the Muslims have pulled away from us as we fell into our pit of overt sexualisation, Satanism and exagerated debauchery. Had the Christian and Muslim worlds continued along the same path of civility we may now be living in a completely unified world but instead we are more divided than ever thanks to the very people who now preach the mantras 'SAVE THE WORLD' and 'WE ARE ONE'. Now, when the world would otherwise have advanced away from superstition and learnt to live in civilised harmony, Muslim women are more likely to live like this...

and this....

...and you have Freemasons and the likes of Aleistair Crowley to thank for that.

You think it's harmless to wear a skull t-shirt? You think Lady Gaga is just a musician not causing any harm? You think the people who make the 666 hand sign or cover an eye are making meaningless fashion statements? You think a festival flashing a Satanic symbol makes no difference to anyone? You think the increasingly degrading sexualisation and objectification of women along with the rapid increase in nakedness is not going to do any harm?

Wrong! Just because it's meaningless to you does not mean it affects no-one. The more occult, Satanic and debauched the West brazenly becomes the worse men, women and children are treated in Muslim countries and the more segregated Muslims live in the West. It is no wonder Muslims live in ghettos in the West when they see how we live. Who can blame them? Our entire entertainment industry has been morphed into a highly co-ordinated and corrupt propaganda machine for Satanism. It's not atheism but an opposing religion. It is an open declaration of war against Christians, Muslims and Old Testament observant Jews. On top of that it includes the very open secret of world domination in a Satanic New World Order. This will not be the end of religion but the start of something far more superstitious and mind warpingly sinister.

You might have been unaware of this up until now but religiously observant Muslims throughout the world have not been. The blame for the suffering at the hands of Islamic extremists lies squarely at the feet of the people who have been pushing the occult Satanic agenda. They stoked the fire that is right now ripping through the Middle East and causing untold suffering to so many but that fire has been steadily increasing in intensity for decades.....directly proportional to the intensity of Satanism in the West.

The people who have pushed this occult agenda - from the likes of occult Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza where MK Ultra mind controlled slaves are exhibited in the foyer like caged birds to Pacha's Guy Gerber with his blatant occult references - all have blood on their hands. The people deeply into the Satanic agenda are engineering an Armageddon - they want the chaos and the war and the suffering because they believe it will bring in the arrival of their Matreya...the anti-Christ. This is what they believe and the Muslims know it and are being so extreme because it is in their holy books to be extreme in times of rising Satanism.

And if you pay money to go to a club that hosts these agenda driven DJs, buy an album, pay for a festival ticket, see a film, etc, then you are fuelling the people who are stoking the fire and you too will have blood on your hands.

Don't allow these crazy people to mess up our world any more than they have done already. Don't overlook their Satanism any longer. Don't kid yourself it means nothing. 


Please watch the video at the top of the post.


  1. Muslim countries are run by Freemasons. There are loads of Masonic lodges in the Middle East.

    1. Yes, you are right but were the now toppled leaders real Freemasons with the occult knowledge or were they just sweetened up with honorary membership plus all the trappings that come with it such as sex parties? Probably the latter. But Freemasonry is everywhere and in everything and muslim extremists have known this since they rejected the Westernised lifestyle decades ago having realised what was controlling it.

    2. Muslim extremists like Al Queada, Mujahadeen, Al Nusra, and ISIS are pawns used in a geopolitical dialectic. Hell.. Brezinski armed and trained the Mujahadeen. Weapons and finance are filtered to them through the west currently. The Saudi's have Masonic symbolism riddling they're governmental entities. However they run the strictest form of Islamic government in the world. It's all a stage, this is going to play out and the Islamic extremist world is largely an unwitting pawn perpetuating a global agenda. Sorry but that's the truth. The victims are the civilian casualties sacrificed in the name of Mammon.

    3. You're right and in addition it seems Hong Kong has just realised their uprising was instigated by 'foreign influences'.

  2. Occultism has gone into wrong hands of rich and selfish people. This has always been a dangerous situation as DIVINITY is unable to make such people understand the basic laws of nature as these people have kept themselves subliminally programmed for generations. Hope my video will let them find some light...