Saturday, 26 April 2014

Adam Beyer - Illuminati?

Adam Beyer

Is Adam Beyer an Illuminati puppet or a member of the Illuminati...or just an ordinary person?
The statements in this post are the personal opinions of the blog authors and must not be taken as fact.
An Illuminati puppet will be told to hide an eye, look to the side to hide an eye, cast one eye in shadow, hide an eye with a hat, highlight an eye with make-up, etc. A member of the Illuminati will be photographed by an amateur or professional closing one eye in a deliberate way. That proves they do it because they want to do it and not just because they are told to do it.

Adam Byer

Here one eye is highlighted. It is also highlighted with a lightning flash, which is indicative of the Illuminati as they are obsessed with everything to do with ancient mythology. The lightning flash represents Zeus. Do they actually believe in Zeus???

Adam Beyer

Here is your amateur photo of Adam Beyer closing one eye. Obviously, in this photograph at least, he was not told to close an eye.

Adam Beyer

Adam Beyer

Adam Beyer

Adam Beyer
Adam Beyer

Adam Beyer

Another thing the Illuminati likes to do in photos of djs is make lights appear to originate from the dj. That is, we believe, because the djs think they are 'as gods'. They are the light of the world so to speak, just as Yahweh was said to be the light of the world. The are also 'illuminated' by their wisdom born out of the hidden knowledge of Freemasonry.

Adam Beyer.

Illuminated again.

Adam's response on Twitter to the accusation he was Illuminati was to at first mock the idea and then to send just a link to this. Please do not listen to it in its entirity. It has probably got some sinister subliminals in it. The name and the style are what is important....'Triangle' in a very evil style.

So, is Adam Beyer a member of the Illuminati?

You decide.

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