Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Pacha - Illuminati?

Pacha - Illuminati?

Is Pacha a fantastic club or part of the Illuminati's machinery?

Take a look at some screen grabs of the video above and make up your own mind.

Pacha Illuminati

This shot was so quick it was only just noticeable. The quickness of the shot, and many others like it, suggests Pacha is very well versed on subliminal messages. Quick shots that flash for a split second go into the subconscious mind without the conscious mind realising, and that makes them far more powerful. If Pacha is using subliminal messages on its drug-incapacitated crowds, what messages would it wish to pass on and who is behind the whole thing? The image above shows an eye being held at the front of the stage. The single eye represents the all-seeing eye, which suggests a 'New World Order' with Big Brother watching you. Not very disco or rebellious is it? Rather institutional in fact. The performers are also wearing black and white, which is indicative of Freemasonry.

Pacha Illuminati

The single eye again, possibly representing the all-seeing eye.

All-seeing eye

These all-seeing eyes flashed up many times in the video.

Black and white checkerboard Freemasonry

These Pacha ladies are wearing black and white checkerboard patterned clothing, which suggests Freemasonry is behind the design. This black and white clothing is becoming widespread in celebrity culture as the Illuminati is gradually revealed to the public to normalise it.

Unicorn Freemasonry

The unicorn is used by the Illuminati. Often it is white, indicating peace but this unicorn hat is red.

All-seeing eye

This all-seeing eye was only just spotted. Can you see it in front of the dj box? It was a flashed image and lasted for a second or two. Why would Pacha do such a thing? If Pacha is not part of the Illuminati machine, why is it so obsessed with single eyes?


Transhumanism is a movement aimed at transforming human potential via the use of technology. Transhumanist symbolism is often used alongside Illuminati symbolism, which suggests it is one of the aspects of the Illuminati agenda. 

This video of Pacha in Ibiza in 2014 proves the transhumanist agenda is high on the list of priorities for this quite obviously Illuminati venue. 

Here is a quote from this article of a dj who played at Pacha in Sydney during a different night not entitled 'Illuminati'....

'And how did the Pacha night come about? Tom: “We played here three times before and they liked us and got in contact with the guys at Ministry of Sound to see if we wanted to do it. Straight away we said yes. We’ve been working on it for about five months, going to meetings and stuff, but today is the first time we’ve actually seen anything. They’ve got all the illuminati stuff – the triangles and stuff – like our logo. It’s really awesome seeing it come together after so much work, especially since we’ve never put so much time into any other show.”

Notice the triangles behind the dj box, something indicative of the Illuminati.

We shall contact Tom Grant and Adam Amuso, the DJs in the article above, ask them about their statement and post here any response.

So, it does not look good for Pacha. If Pacha has been infested by the cult of Illuminati, or if it has always been a front for the Illuminati, maybe it should consider being open and honest with its clientele rather than conducting such an enormous deception. Maybe it could at least tell us how many decades it will put on exactly the same show of eyes, triangles, hypnotic imagery, porn-style static 'dancers' and boom boom music. Is it ever going to get back to being a disco? 


All statements are the personal opinions of the blog authors and must not be taken as fact.

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