Friday, 25 April 2014

Changing times in Ibiza.


Thanking you for inviting me to write something. You can write my name. I don't need to be anonymous.

I shall give you some information on me so people can get a better idea. I am a man from Holland age forty and holiday in Ibiza every year with my wife. I think we will stop coming to Ibiza because it is not the same. We started coming in the 90s and then the scene was amazing. The island nightlife was so fantastic. Everything was so exciting. The people were very different to the people we would see normally at home so this was very exciting for us. We would meet all sorts people - rich, ordinary, beautiful, ugly, old, young, weird, wild, intelligent, colourful, artistic, loud, quiet.... It was the variety that we loved. We loved the amazing feeling of acceptance too. We felt everyone was accepted no matter what they looked like, how they acted or who they were. That was Ibiza.

Now in the clubs everyone looks the same, everyone is about the same age (young), they all wear more or less the same style clothes, they all have there smartphones in there hands. The women have become much more sexy in there clothing, make-up, big lips, big boobs. They seem to only have one thing on there mind - to attract a rich man. The men have changed too. They look more like women and seem more interested in there own bodies than the women's almost bare bodies around them.

It superficial now. Its all about how you look and how much money you have. It is all about posing. I see the same thing happen with the very sexy dancers who look more like porn stars than Ibiza dancers. They don't dance like they used to and they wear hardly any clothing when in the 90s they wore their own clothes and that made them so interesting and individual. My wife and I would be mesmerised by the novelty of them but now we just feel so sad. It was not so much about sex back then. Now its all about sex and its very sad to see this change. It is very bad for women because now they act and are treated like sex objects and not like equals and I don't want to be part of this. In the 90s men and women were equal in the dance music scene but its degenerated so much. It is such a pity.

Now the clubs are so packed you cannot move and sometimes its so full its frightening. It was never like this. You always had space to dance no matter where you went. Back then it was all about the dancing and everyone danced. People did not stand about. People went crazy doing crazy shit and everyone loved it. now I think if people acted like we did back then they would be laughed at or thrown out. The prices are crazy now too. You can pay seventy euros for a night in Pacha or Space. But this is crazy when you feel like cattle inside and the music never seems to change. Every year it sounds the same when before there was always something new.

Now it feels like big business. It don't feel like Ibiza now. The young ones coming through do not know any different but we do. We have seen it go from something incredible with people getting to know each other to something that makes us feel cheated where people are colder and much less interesting. The soul has been taken from Ibiza and that makes us very sad. Now it is sterile and boring. There are some places that still feel like the old Ibiza but they are getting fewer each year. We know nothing lasts forever but we feel the change has happened very fast.

I hope Ibiza returns to what it was. A place where everyone was equal and felt free to be themselves and not a copy. Maybe all this is because of the world changing and the people changing and maybe Ibiza is just offering the people what they want but I remember a time when Ibiza led the way so why would it follow now?

Thanks for your letter. I will not publish your name because I do not think it would be wise to do so.

I agree with everything you say but am not so forgiving. I believe Ibiza led the way in the 90s and Ibiza is leading the way now. I believe it is being led downwards thanks to misogynistic Freemasonry.

Let's take a look at how things have changed.


Times do change and people do change with them but things change because the leaders in the system make them change and the leaders of youth culture are Ibiza and music. There is little chance of change coming about 'from the street' anymore because the music industry is so tightly controlled. As the big clubs seem to put on shows now rather than provide space and music for dancing, there is little chance of a grass roots dance change coming about either, which is what used to happen in the past. Someone would do a new move, people would copy and it would snowball. Now people are focused on the show so the direction of modern culture is being fed to us.

In the video above the people were all dancing. People only stopped dancing in the 90s because they were paying for a drink, visiting the toilets or needing to cool down. Back then people put a lot of effort into their dancing and they wanted to develop their own style. How often do you see people really going for it now in Ibiza? Going for it as though no-one's watching? Maybe never because now dancing like no-one's watching would not be acceptable other than for the few remaining free thinkers. Did you notice there was no direction of focus? The people were faced in all directions and not at the dj....or god as some of them seem to think they are....or cult leaders standing at their altars. The video shows there was space for everyone to dance and move freely and they sure made good use of that space!

Did you notice that people had their own unique way of dancing and that they weren't trying to copy anyone? They didn't care what everyone else thought and no-one else cared what they were doing. Everyone was free to do what they wanted. And how many freaky people were there? How many freaky people do you see in the big clubs in Ibiza now? None. Being different is not deemed cool anymore. But most striking was the fact the women were fully dressed and dancing as wildly as any of the men. They were not there to attract a man but to have a bloody good time. The priority then was to have fun and dance like crazy, and now it is to look sexy...or slutty as seems to be the trend.

The Illuminati was working its magic in 1990 but obviously its project was not nearing completion then so people still acted like individuals and equals. Rome wasn't built in a day and humanity cannot be deconstructed in a decade.

Let's look at Space in the 90s... much SPACE did everyone have then to dance compared to how little they have now? You could move from one part to another with no trouble but now you are stuck where you are.

Let's look at some current videos to see how things have changed.

One word....'hideous'. Put it away.

All about bare boobs, fannies and muscles. Nothing about having a good time. Not a single person can be seen in the crowd at any point in the video....DANCING. This is mindless mind control designed to make the masses behave like the 'dancers' robotic looking lip-plumped wiggling women/men whatever. This was not advertising a party but a show....a right show at that. Show off more like. No room to dance, the focus entirely on the stage, a serious and dark feeling. This 'show' is part of a plan to get people used to nakedness and public sex.

Amnesia customers packed in like sardines and their only dance moves involve on arm. This is not a party but a cultic prayer session and maybe a mind control session at the same time. Who knows?

One word...'smut'.

This entire video, which is an official Amnesia video supposed to be promoting a party, was objectifying women and was in stark contrast to the video in the 90s. There is nothing in this video about the people partying. It is all about this line of desperado girls looking slutty for the camera. There is no skill involved in their dancing. It's purely smut. The people? Who cares about them? They're just a mob...the fools who hand over their money. Now it's all about the god (dj), scantily clad slutty looking wigglers, flashing lights, smoke machines and re-hashed music. The people don't come into it anymore. There is nothing in this video that is unique, creative, new or inspiring. It is stooping as low as it can go.

Why is Ibiza becoming more like a Benny Hill comedy sketch than a dynamic destination?

Sex sure sells but Ibiza didn't rely on it in the 90s. It relied on the feeling people got when they came. What feeling is Ibiza instilling into people now? Acceptance, equality, freedom, liberty? No...pressure, inadequacy, competitiveness, inequality, misogyny.

Ibiza: once great but now Smut Central. So much going for it so quickly squandered. And all for money and the propagation of a sex cult.

Stripper performing to Freemasons inside lodge.

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  1. things have changed a lot over the last decades, there is definetly a whole social engineering program going on for a long time and not only in Ibiza, many of the crowds who come to Ibiza and younger generations are kind of socially engineered already, TV, media , electronic gadgets and so on are doing a huge harm into the younger generations, this is part of the so called "illuminati"´s formula into steering people´s will into their materialistic money making industries, what this generation´s not aware it´s that they are the money making source and target for this "cult" so to call it

  2. Indeed. The psychopaths always manage to get to the top of everything and every new movement and then turn what was once beautiful into something ugly. I do wonder whether the start of house music was a grass roots thing or a CIA initiative. If it was a grass roots thing then maybe there is hope for Ibiza to regain its true identity. Maybe the people who started the whole thing off will speak out against what it has become. If there are any who have not sold out to the Illuminati they will at least feel saddened at what is happening. I hope enough brave people of Ibiza who love what the island used to stand for speak out and fight off this cancer. Nothing lasts forever and hopefully that includes the Illuminati. Maybe then Ibiza can once again start a revolution that spreads around the world and ignites something in the young people that snaps them out of the mental slumber they have so sadly been conditioned to remain in.