Thursday, 24 April 2014

Shopping in Ibiza for the Illuminati

All seeing eye ring from Ibiza

This all seeing eye ring designed by 'Zara Simon Jewellery' and sold by Revolver Ibiza could be innocuous if it was not sold alongside Masonic and Satanic rings. Then, the all seeing eye becomes occultist. The authors of this blog are not Christian or Muslim and have varying beliefs but one thing we do agree on is that Freemasonry and the Illuminati does not have a good ending in mind for the majority of us and that these symbols are therefore, to us, sinister.

Revolver Ibiza states that Ibiza is one of the designer's main inspirations. I don't see any sun, sea, dance or partying influences in any of the rings. I see only Masonic and occult influences. If Ibiza is one of her main inspirations, that must mean Ibiza inspired these occult influences on her designs. Or maybe I am wrong, in which case the designer is invited to leave a comment.

Maybe the designer would consider letting the masses in on the little secrets that these rings appear to indicate. Or is she happy that humanity is living a two-tiered reality: those in the know and those out of the loop?

'Masonic Curve Ring' by Zara Simon Jewellery'

'Symbol ring' by Zara Simon Jewellery

'Pentagon Ring' by Zara Simon Jewellery

For occult symbols, go here.

It is of course possible that the designer was inspired to make the Masonic ring after meeting the people at Ibiza's Masonic Lodge 44, some of whom can be seen in the photo below.

Ibiza Masonic Lodge 44

...but that does not look likely.

What is more likely is that the jolly chaps in the photo above are the public cover for the real Masons who are taught the hidden occult knowledge that is used in the music industry. 

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