Saturday, 26 April 2014

Sick Samples in Electronic Dance Music EDM

We are making this post because someone pointed out a blog about electronic dance music (EDM) containing very sick samples. The author of the blog post claims to have heard samples of people being tortured and claims they sounded very real.

HERE is the blog post. Please read it.

Adam Beyer @ The Revolution, Space Ibiza

Sick samples in EDM, Adam Beyer illuminated as though he is Illuminati.

Because of this tip-off we at the Anonymous Ibiza blog will be listening to lots of dj mixes to see if we can hear anything suspicious. Please keep checking back at this post as it will be updated as new finds are made.

In the video above there are some potentially sick samples. In general, this mix is very dark. It has a sinister feel to it. But here are some samples to listen to to decide for yourself what they are.

43:11 Is this a woman having sex or is it a woman crying out in pain or fear?

The sound of a woman having sex has been used for decades in music thanks to the Illuminati trying to get us to have more sex. However, in the past samples of sex noises have been more gasps, groans or huffs of breath. Those sounds would say to the subconscious mind, 'SEX....have SEX'. The sound in this video is not obviously sex and that makes us think it's not sex but fear or pain, which is a very awful thought.

The sample can be heard again...


45:23 Gunshot
45:40 Gunshot
45: 45 Gunshot

46:13 Sound of the woman again.

There is then a culmination of the gunshot and woman sounds.

Now maybe the sample of the woman is completely innocent but if it isn't and if it is of a woman suffering in some way then that means we are listening to people being tortured by occultists. Why they would do this, who knows, but maybe it is because they get a thrill from not only torturing someone but then making unsuspecting 'nice people' listen to the person's suffering.

51:50 'New World Order'
and again at

Well, it certainly sounds like that to us. It's very quiet but that doesn't matter to your subconscious mind. Your SM will hear it, comprehend it and be affected by it. If we heard this correctly then this is mind control designed to condition you to accept the forthcoming New World Order. The more accustomed you are to the term, the less fearful you will be of it. Also, if you become, subconsciously or otherwise, accustomed to it in a setting in which you are having a good time, you will be more accepting of it.

Adam Beyers

For starters, can you look at this photo? Can you look into his eyes? I cannot without having a horrible feeling. Why would a dj want to appear so evil? WARNING.....scary link to come!!! What happens to you when you look at these images of evil techno? We get a very nasty shock and are unable to look at them. Why would people make evil music for one thing and why would they use such evil images to go with it? Sorry Adam Beyers of Tortured Records but our suspicion is that you would have to be an evil minded person. You certainly don't look full of the joys of spring. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Are you trying to let everyone know you have no soul? You sold it?

Please now listen to timeline 21:39 in the video above.

Did that make your blood run cold? Here at AI we are feeling sick right now. This sounds like people being tortured. Why would a nice person want such a thing in their music mix, what kind of person would make such a sample and how the hell was it made?

Again at 22:10

Just in case you think it could have been the crowd screaming in excitement, please listen to 21:34 which comes a few seconds before what we think is a sick sample. Can you tell the difference? Listen to 21:34 and then wait for 21:39. The first is the crowd screaming in excitement at the drop and the second is, we believe, people screaming in fear.

Martin Garrix - Animals

This video is full of lion imagery, which is an Illuminati sign. 

Timeline 2.48 and 3.03 Someone wailing in pain. This sample stands out from the rest of the track. It is only just audible, which means it was put in as a subliminal. 

More samples will be added as and when they are found.

If you hear anything suspicious, please leave a comment with a link and the time. 

 Please read the blog's opening post


  1. Ok so is it the black and white video of 54 minutes of adam beyer?
    I still cant see the video,s but if it is the video, the only thing i heard seemed a sample of
    Snap, ive got the power. I dont know , ive heard some shots, but its diffecult to hear because its progressice house. As for the martin Animals video (ihatethatsong) ive heard the scream but its difficult to hear if its pain or pleasure or fun, so i dont know but ill need to examin it

  2. I mean progressive house. :-)

  3. I think i have the wrong video :-)

  4. Ok so i think its the 1 hour video?
    Ive heard the screams, i dont think they are from a women
    But a dolphin or wale.
    Then the new world order voice.
    I dont think he was saying that.
    I dont know what he was saying but i dont think its the nwo thing.
    And the music is progressive house, its always bin that kind of darkish sound.
    So for me i diddent noticed that.
    But hey i could be wrong who knowes :-)

  5. Omg its not the whale sound.
    Ive now heard the screams to.
    Scary shit.

  6. I am really sad now.
    That was awfull.
    And with no reason to sample it.
    It doesent match or anything.
    Omg you were right allalong.

    1. Yes, we were right. That is why we didn't reply before. We were waiting for you to finally realise. It is very sad and very scary because it means we are being fooled by some extremely sick people. When we approached Adam Beyer he sent us a message back with a link to one of his tracks....named 'Torture'. That says it all.

      If you watch the Bohemiam Grove video of the Molloch efigy being burnt you can hear a man screaming in shock and dispair. It is a very sad thing to hear.

      At timeline 2.50 for a few seconds you can hear one scream that sounds very different to the others.

      Two different things that mean the same thing.....our puppet masters are extremely evil people.

      Be strong and pass on what you learn from this blog.

  7. This is the first video by Adam Beyer just in case you still cannot see it here.

  8. Yes but i know the illuminati exists.
    I am looking into this (conspiracy) for awile now.
    Ive read books of Albert pike, manly p hall , and helena blavatsky
    And aleister crowley and others.
    So i know the details.
    But i am also a critical thinker.
    And examin facts that people say.
    A lott of disinfo is being spread on the internet.
    i try to find out my own truth.

    I take your blog verry serious.
    Its intressting that your talking about EDM.
    Because i was more foccused on the hiphop/rap music.
    Where its verry blatant who,s incontrol.

    But now we can learn more about EDM,
    Because of your blog and thats good.

    Sorry my english is not so good.
    I hope you understand :-)

    1. The Illuminati is in everything and they back both sides. They are even in Anonymous. Not use of course but we are certain they control part of Anonymous...

      They are certainly in EDM. You would have imagined festivals being controlled by freedom loving people but they are, in the main, controlled by the Illuminati of occult elite globalists. We have to understand that the New World Order is not going to be something straight-laced but extremely sick. So if you want to find a NWO event then find a sick one.

      Adam Beyer....a family man. What kind of nice family man makes a track (which you cannot find by searching online) called 'Torture'? Look at his photos. Does he look like a happy, light-hearted man to you? He looks sinister and presents himself in a sinister way.

      Who knows whether these people have voluntarily chosen to become like this or whether they have suffered some sort of mind control? Probably most men will have been asked to become Freemasons and been sucked into it from that. How many big name DJs present themselves as fun loving light hearted individuals? None. They all present themselves in a gloomy way mostly using just a photo of themselves in black and white. It's ALL about them. They are god-like creatures. They, thanks to Freemasonry, have turned the attention onto them and them only. They have built themselves up so high their music is mostly irrelevant. The scene is obscene.

    2. So can you put up this torture song?
      What is special about it?
      Or is it only the title?

    3. He sent it as a link via Twitter so now it would be almost impossible to find as it would be going back a thousand or more tweets. Searches on Google have been unsuccessful. If you locate it let us know. 'What is special about it?' It was his response to us linking him to this post. That said it all.

    4. Ok im going to try and find it.
      But i also saw that one of his record label
      Is called torture records, do you know about this? i will research it more.
      Ps i followed you on twiiter.
      Purplelight9 is my twitter name.

      I can only post as annonymous on this site.
      Because It doesent work so well on my tablet.

    5. Well that might be what it was. It was a while ago. It was sent as a 'fuck you, see how I care' stab. Good work anyway. It will be added to this post.

  9. Yes thats the video i found on youtube.
    Ive put the mix on my mp3 player.
    And at first i diddent noticed it.
    But much later.
    The second video i did not find.

    I dont understand,
    Adam beyer is a father, married, another child is on its way.
    And yet he does this stuff?
    I mean he is a victem to.
    A puppet being used.
    Maby they are not aware of it?
    These people are so busy.
    Maby they dont have the knowledge?
    Do you think he is a freemason?
    Thanx for the link.

  10. And What about this :
    You should go to hardcore rave parties and you will enderstand that the world is twisted from the begining of times ;)